IT-THIT-THAT, series 7-9

We continue to upload new episodes of our series about IT people. How he appeared and how the second season of our mini-series was filmed was told earlier.

Seventh series of the second season of IT-it PUNCH – “Regular situation”

Why is database access interrupted every day for ten minutes? It always happens at the same time. Will IT director Valera and system administrator Oleg be able to find the reason?

Eighth series of the second season IT-it KOLOTIT – “Azot Market”

Attention! Aggressively promoted online marketplaces can wreak havoc in the office. Or are marketplaces not to blame at all?

Ninth series of the second season IT-it PUNCH – “Caution, high voltage!”

In the new ITit-KOLITIT series you will see high voltage and an unusual technique for removing it. But we do not recommend repeating it, injuries are possible.

Thank you for your attention and have a good Friday!

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