IT Olympiad at VSK is becoming a tradition

Practical task -Develop the process “Conclusion of a CASCO agreement”

The process does not need to be linked to VSK processes


one. Develop a process model

2. Make a description of the process steps

3. Suggest possible automation of functions

Input data:

1. Client Individual, resident of the Russian Federation

2. Sales channel – Company office

3. The seller is an employee of the Company

4. Information systems of the Company:

a. Front office system

b. Back office system (insurance accounting system)

c. Self-examination portal

d. Scoring (billing) system


1. The process consists of sub-processes (not all sub-processes can be executed):

a. Preliminary calculation of the insurance premium and amount

b. Creation of a draft agreement

c. Checks (vehicle, client, business logic, FLC, other)

d. Underwriting by a Company employee

e. Vehicle inspection, including approval

f. Conclusion of an agreement (invoicing, payment at the company’s office by card or through the cashier)

2. Documents of the Client necessary for the conclusion of the contract:

a. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

b. Vehicle registration certificate

c. Driving license of the owner of the vehicle and other persons admitted to driving the vehicle

3. Information/Documents generated by the company according to the process

a. Quotes (result of preliminary calculation)

b. Draft agreement

c. An invoice for payment

d. Treaty

4. The client may refuse to conclude an agreement at any stage of registration

5. The client can make changes to the terms of the contract (sum insured, deductible, persons admitted to management) before the conclusion of the contract

6. The company may refuse to conclude a contract as a result of internal audits, scoring, inspection results

7. The client can provide a complete or incomplete (for preliminary calculation – minimal depersonalized information) set of documents.

8. The client must pay (at the office of the company by card or through the cashier) the full amount of the insurance premium on the day of invoicing (installment or partial payment is not accepted), otherwise the contract is canceled.


Model of the process “Conclusion of a Casco agreement”

1. For modeling, you need to use any of the notations: BPMN, ARIS, UML, IDEF0/3

2. You can use the built-in confluence toolkit, or any other software (VISIO, Camunda, etc.) that supports the selected notation. In this case, the model diagram should be attached to this section as a readable file.

Additionallydevelop a status model or a data flow model, an architectural diagram

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