IT communities in different companies: videos and presentations of reports from an online meetup

Hello Habr! We have uploaded video recordings of meetup reports on YouTube “IT communities in different companies” The 21st of April… In an online format, experts from the Rostelecom IT cluster, as well as our colleagues from Alfa-Bank, Fleetcor, Raiffeisenbank, told how to create and develop professional communities in IT companies.

Missed the event? We share the main theses of the reports, as well as videos and presentations of the speakers. In chronological order.

# 1 Making the Difficult Possible – Tatiana Egorova (Rostelecom)

The opening report of the meetup is about the history of the launch of the Rostelecom Analysts Guild with comments from its creator. About the purpose of the Analysts Guild, how it was built, what difficulties we faced and how we overcame them.

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# 2 What employees can change under the auspices of the IT Development Guild – Polina Samsonova (Rostelecom)

Another professional community operates in Rostelecom – the IT Development Guild. Its creator, Polina Samsonova, is an active generator and implementer of the idea of ​​uniting employees in “circles” – talks about how to unite caring colleagues into communities that change the processes in the company over a long distance.

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# 3 Working groups and their contribution to the development of systems analysis – Alexey Lobzov (Alfa-Bank)

Alexey is a regular speaker at meetups and educational projects for system analysts. You will get acquainted with the internal projects of Alfa-Bank for the development of system analysts, and after a short theoretical part, Alexey will show on a real case what the advantages and disadvantages of working groups are.

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# 4 Career Dialogues – Natalia Peshkova (Raiffeisenbank)

Another presentation by a representative of the banking sector, this time about new scenarios of working life and communications “employee-manager”. If you are looking for a development strategy and tools for growth within the company, take a look at this program slot.

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# 5 Internal training as a way to improve the expertise of employees – Anastasia Gruzdeva and Svetlana Mikheeva (Alfa-Bank)

Continuing the training topic, colleagues from Alfa-Bank share their experience on how to increase the expertise of employees using in-house solutions. Inside, personal experience of creating a direction of internal training, advice on organizing processes, a little about the motivation of participants.

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# 6 These Awkward Community Questions – Tatiana Taktasheva (Fleetcor)

Summarizing report of the meetup in the format of “stupid questions”:
– How to organize a community?
– How to find target audience?
– What frequency of meetings should I choose?

Great for those who are fired up with ideas for creating a union and want to get step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

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Instead of a conclusion

In whatever company the IT community appears, everyone has the same goal – the development of employee expertise, training and personal growth. In addition, the community contributes to the transformation of the management model from vertical to horizontal, in which participants are ready to share responsibility with colleagues in order to act together to achieve common goals.

Watch the full video of the meetup on YouTube at link

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