Is it realistic to become a programmer in 3 months? Will you be hired after training at the bootcamp? An expert will answer your questions from the comments

Coding Bootcamp is an intensive training bootcamp. If you still have a poor idea of ​​what it is, then we have a separate article explaining the basics.

But the basics may not be enough to make an informed decision – is it worth going to the bootcamp? What are the prospects for graduates? Are they hired? All these and other questions you can ask Roman Gordeev – CEO and mentor of the online bootcamp for programming Turing bootcamp

Here is a list of topics that we agreed to discuss with Roman:

  1. Everything about teaching programming in bootcamp format.
  2. The format of the classes.
  3. Hard and soft skills that students master.
  4. Prospects after the end of the bootcamp: alumni statistics, job search.

Write your questions on the topic in the comments to this post from June 8 to June 14 – until 12:00 Moscow time… We will collect the most interesting questions, and then Roman will answer them in a separate post.

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