Is it bad to collect a scoring base of gullible clients of scammers?

I am not an avid gamer, although sometimes I buy a couple of tickets to some kind of lottery. Naturally, not in the hope of winning a million, but purely for fun, remembering a joke I loved from childhood about a man who prayed every day for good luck, and at the end of his life, the Almighty answered him that he should have bought a lottery ticket at least once.

I didn’t bother much with the lotteries themselves and bought tickets that didn’t need to be filled out. Some kind of 100-Lotto and the like. And yesterday, as usual, I asked for a few tickets for change and … the purchase did not take place, because they demanded my mobile phone number!

The first bell of something wrong with the lotteries in Russia rang a few months ago. Then, when selling tickets, I was told to keep the cashier’s receipt, since winnings would only be possible upon presentation of a cashier’s receipt for the purchase of a specific lottery ticket.

Maybe I didn’t understand anything then, and this only applied to big wins, but since it wasn’t about me, I didn’t really bother about it. They ask me to keep the check, it’s not difficult for me.

But today, when they demanded a phone number to buy a lottery ticket, this question interested me seriously. And now it turns out:

Firstly, when buying, they ask for a phone number. Secondly, all the necessary information on the ticket, namely: the number and date of the draw, the ticket number, the game combination are placed on the receipt. It also indicates a unique key, your phone number, detailed information about the organizer of the lottery.

And in case of winning, it is the check, and not the ticket, that serves as the basis for payment.

Why include a phone number when buying?
It’s comfortable. If you purchased a ticket on the site or gave the seller your phone number during the purchase, then in case of winning you will receive an SMS notification. And yet, all tickets purchased with a phone number will be automatically displayed in your personal account on Of course, if you are registered.

In other words, in case of a win, it is the check that serves as the basis for paying out the winnings. As for the ticket, in this case it turns out that it is needed only for beauty, in order to cross out the numbers during the broadcast.

And this is despite the fact that in any lotteries the most interesting thing is to check the ticket yourself, with the heat of passion, with tickling your nerves and other joys gambling addiction life :-), and now they promise to send me another SMS with the message “take your winnings”.

Probably marketers from lotteries want their own scoring base of buyers, but as they say, with good intentions … After all, if such a base accidentally leaks to some specific call center specializing in calling especially gullible citizens. Yes, this is the second gold mine!

And it became very interesting to me, but how many gullible people will give their mobile number when buying lottery tickets?

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