iPod, Google Home mini, PSP and more

Met me on the very first row of a robot vacuum cleaner from the American company iRobot. These devices work great – I myself have two assistants, one is just a Roomba vacuum cleaner, like the one shown in the picture, the second is a Scooba washing vacuum cleaner (as far as I understand, they are no longer produced, and very much in vain). One model is listed on the box, 676, but in fact a representative of the previous generation was placed in it.

This is a relatively simple device, without programming cleaning by day of the week or schedule. I have experienced this once – you can say that it just works. The seller asked for 50 euros for the device – for a flea market this is a lot, despite the fact that it is not known in what state the battery is, whether there are glitches of various kinds, etc.

In general, I didn’t really want to buy, and with such an initial start, I completely lost the desire to bargain – the seller would not give it up cheaply, so I moved on with peace of mind.

And here a whole group of old, almost ancient testers – vacuum tubes, voltages, etc. – caught my eye. I don’t even know if they are in working order. But in any case, this is already acquired either by museums or by some companies that need a special design.

Then I met an old cell phone Siemenc C35 – a friend had one at one time, I really liked this phone, so I could not pass by – I photographed it. I think that they would give me the device very inexpensively. But there is simply no point in it.

Some kind of remote for mixing lovers. As far as you can tell, this is a basic remote, from which you shouldn’t expect much.

Then I saw the P1 Express Dual laptop from LG. This is an old laptop that has survived well. Here are its characteristics:

  • Intel Core Duo Processor T2500 2.0 GHz
  • Intel 945PM / GM
  • 80GB HDD
  • 1024 DDR2 (667GHz, Dual Channel Support, Up to 4GB)
  • ATI MobilityTM Radeon X1400 (up to 512MB * HyperMemory)
  • DVD Super Multi Dual Layer

If anyone needs an overview of the device’s capabilities, then here

english article

where the details are excellently detailed.

After the laptop, I found a whole set of mechanical keyboards, one of which is from Microsoft. Perhaps all of this is either new, or just a well-preserved legacy of earlier times.

I also came across a gaming keyboard, however, from another seller.

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Even further I found an old iMac – surprisingly, with a whole screen, and well preserved. I don’t know, frankly, if it works, because the device didn’t really interest me and I didn’t bother asking the seller with questions.

Portable radios, i.e. walkie-talkies, which the seller and his wife enjoyed with pleasure. When one of them went for a walk through the ranks of a flea market, the couple kept in touch using this model. They sold the system for 20 euros.

I didn’t ask if the system was working – and it’s clear that yes. But I didn’t buy it either – I don’t know where and when they will be able to use it, and there is simply no place in the home warehouse.

Then I met an interesting media center with the ability to connect an iPod. The center looks impressive – both in size and in the number of functions.

Some kind of e-book, either with a broken display, or a completely dead battery, which led to the appearance of a “mess” of images on the screen.

Two relatively modern netbooks – earlier these models were well, very popular. Now this form factor is almost gone.

Well, I also saw such a game set (it’s just huge) for racing fans.

Plus, such a fee caught my eye – maybe someone knows what it is and for what?

And the last thing I noticed was the TR-80m calculator. After searching on the Internet, it turned out that this is a device from 1975. The seller assured that everything worked.

Well, now about what I bought.

First, I suddenly saw a smart speaker Google Home Mini lying among the trash. Her condition turned out to be perfect, so I hoped that the device was working. And indeed – I brought it home, turned it on, reset the settings and it all worked. The seller gave the device for 5 euros – he doesn’t even know what it is.

Secondly, I bought a 4th generation iPod Nano. There is even an accelerometer and horizontal mode because of the vertical screen. It turns on, however, only from the computer – the battery seems to have died. It will be necessary to disassemble and try to “push” away from the LBP.

Last but not least, I bought a Philips Hue bulb. I also accidentally noticed (by the way, it’s hard to imagine how many interesting things I miss, simply because they are hiding somewhere in a heap of electronic junk). I have 5 such lamps at home, so another one will come in handy on the farm – it turned out, by the way, completely working.

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