IoT, information security and cloud technologies – what else should an IT specialist keep track of in 2020?

Recently, gadgets, applications and services are increasingly involved in the daily life of a person. This, in turn, leads to the fact that more and more personal data is controlled by these applications and services. And the most important trend right now is the protection of this data. Experience shows that even large companies have serious problems in order to ensure adequate security of user data. Given that the smartphone and tablet for humans have almost completely replaced the desktop computer, more attention needs to be paid to the protection and security of mobile applications.
The tendency to use E2E encryption (when even the development company cannot decrypt user data) is now noticeable not only in instant messengers. Now it is used in cloud file storages, backup systems, etc.

I am glad that until quantum computers have reached the level at which modern encryption algorithms will become useless. But this is a matter of time (and not so far). So again, the task of developing (and, more importantly, proof) reliable encryption algorithms becomes urgent.

Protecting and enhancing application reliability has always been a trend. Now even new ways to build a user interface, such as SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose, will be relevant, since these solutions can reduce the number of errors, and therefore make the application more reliable. In 2020, these technologies will be more actively used.

Well, if you ignore fundamental questions, you can, for example, pay attention that the initial wow effect that applications like Pokémon Go caused is gradually passing, and “augmented reality” becomes commonplace. Trying on furniture or clothing, guides in museums and navigation at airports is already here. It remains only to wait for more suitable devices, so that these applications become already everyday life. The experience of Google Glass and Magic Leap One has shown that this is not so easy to do. But there is clearly movement in this direction. All major vendors are working on solutions in this area. It is possible that in 2020 we will see another attempt to enter the consumer device market.

So it makes sense for application developers to look towards convergence of business applications and games. It does not hurt to refresh your knowledge in trigonometry, as well as to study frameworks that will greatly facilitate the lives of developers – in iOS these are ARKit and SceneKit.

And even more often I hear the thought of both users and device manufacturers that you don’t need to use gadgets all day. Mobile operating systems encourage users to spend less time behind the screen. For developers, this means that their applications must clearly perform their functions and require as little user attention as possible.
To summarize, the year will be interesting for users – even if good AR glasses do not appear, then certainly the cameras will become better in new phones, processors are faster, and 5G networks are more common. Developers should be more attentive to users, protect their data and not require too much attention.

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