Inventing a text role-playing quest game

Hello! Having no experience in programming, I decided to come up with a text-based role-playing quest game.

What has already been done:

  1. Canadian development team – done

  2. Choice of role-playing theme — done

  3. Determining the core of the plot – done

  4. The first dashes of the plot (beginning) – done

How it was made

A surprising start of cooperation was the common conference on ChatGPT.

I just joined, and in order to get an answer faster, I wrote a personal message to a certain “Valery”, he was online.

In a personal, because I was trying to figure out how to teach him to answer those requests that I write, and here my plugs in the general chat are unlikely to be corrected. And in a personal, you can get an answer more calmly and deployed.

And of course, I was stupid. New technologies, nevertheless, there is a big ambiguity as to what and where to introduce in order to get clear results.

As it turns out in the future, this is possible, but not straight from the first time and not always.

Valery patiently explained a couple of messages, and then threw off the link to call.
I connected and he succinctly explained that ChatGPT is like a child, and what I want from a child if I myself have been at school for 11 years, and he is only a couple of days.

It blew my mind. In fact, I just started using it.

A funny fact, ChatGPT is trained only with you, that is, if hackers have applied it somewhere, then you will not receive these features in your chat, and only in one chat, that is, by switching to a new chat you will train ChatGPT from scratch. You can check it like this:

– In the first chat, tell the bot your name and what you do
– In the second chat, ask the bot what your name is and what you do

We talked for about an hour, maybe more, and realized that we could be useful to each other.
Valery has a huge, simply gigantic experience in development and programming. And I have marketing knowledge, ideas, a new look (he is still 65) and experience that Valery does not have.

The next step was the implementation of the first idea

Usually, turning off the phone after such a conversation, I take a notebook, a pen, put away gadgets and think. I write all thoughts or part of them in a notebook. I need this time to digest all the information and then direct my thoughts in the right direction in order to start working.

And after 10 minutes, I gave out 3 ideas that could potentially be of interest to the general mass of people.

  1. Bot for voiceovers of movie characters, games and celebrities. For example, the voiceover of the text by the voice of Tony Stark, aka Robert Downey Junior.

  2. A bot to track the release of new posts throughout the telegram, without further disclosure of details. Perhaps we will return to this bot in the future.

  3. Bot for monthly auto payments. We also do not disclose the details, perhaps in the future we will return to it.

We took on the third AutoPay bot, and after three phone calls we abandoned it.

There are too many questions, and little of my knowledge in the field of tax: what, where, and whether it is possible not to get involved with the tax and other plugs at all.

Okay, next call. Valery is a simple man: “If you don’t want to mess with it, then let’s leave it, too, a lot is not clear.” And this is obvious, how can a person from Canada understand in matters of taxation of another country? We decided to leave.

Before the phone call, I wrote him an idea for a bot for a text-based role-playing game.

We discussed the details in a call, he explained to me how to use the ClickUp service so that I write all the tasks and ideas there, and not write down 5 votes for 1-2 minutes each)

Now it remains to choose what the plot will be about

I thought that the detective genre and the story of a murder mystery is what is mostly interesting to the majority. And me too. After all, I have to write the whole plot, come up with when the player is given a choice, what each choice leads to and what are the consequences.

We decided on the core, it remains to sit down and start writing

If there are those who are connected with writing, then you will understand me.

I have been trying to get off the ground for the third day, but there is no result. Attention is scattered, thoughts leave, all at the same moment where our character got on the train.

And then what? Well, you can’t write: “And as soon as the car drove off from the station, the news went through the radio”Attention all passengers, please stay in your seats until the next station! A body was found in carriage #9. I repeat, a body has been found in carriage #9!“”.

You need to somehow lead to this. The bottom line is that the road is long, for 7-12 days. This means that the murder should occur on day 2-3, so that the remaining time the player goes through the story and tries to find out who the killer really is.

If you are interested in taking part in the creation of the text role-playing game itself, then here is my personal –, write your ideas, I will take them into account. Maybe I’ll create a chat if there are enough people who want us to communicate there together)

Thank you for your attention.

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