Intel plans until 2024 – the most important thing

In our blog, we rarely publish long-term plans: they are usually not very specific, tend to be adjusted and, in general, are of interest to experts rather than consumers. However, there are exceptions to every rule. At an event held for investors a few days ago, Intel’s management announced very interesting, in our opinion, prospects for key areas of the company’s activities.
If you are wondering how the concept of “multi-core” will be implemented in Intel Xeon server processors and when we can expect the “angstrom era” to come, welcome under cat.

So, in short, without unnecessary turns – only the most interesting about Intel’s plans for the next 2-3 years. I’ll start with the most curious thing for me personally – future generations of server processors.

Intel Xeon Server Processors

Priorities in development

Intel Xeon

persist: this is AI functionality and encryption. In these areas, maximum growth is planned in each new generation.

The next generations of Intel Xeon will have different types of cores at their disposal, the connection of which we saw in Alder Lake. Here they will be located separately: two families of processors will be released in parallel, one with productive cores (P-core), the other with energy efficient ones (E-core).

  • Sierra Forest – will be released in 2024, the Intel 3 process technology and will contain a new type of E-core.
  • Granite Rapids – also a 2024 model, originally assumed the Intel 4 process technology, now plans have been adjusted for Intel 3. It will consist of P-cores.

All this is very interesting, although it raises a number of questions. For example, will the division into Scalable and other families remain? Judging by the logic of development, Xeon is becoming more and more scalable with each new generation – it turns out that differentiation loses its meaning. But the details now, of course, are not so important.

Intel Core processors

For consumer Intel Core processors for PCs and mobile devices, the company’s plans are as follows.

  • Raptor Lake will appear in the second half of 2022. Double-digit performance improvement over Alder Lake and enhanced overclocking capabilities. Intel 7 process technology, maximum 24 cores and 32 threads. Socket compatible with Alder Lake.
  • meteor lake will be released in 2023. Intel 4 process technology, integrated AI functionality, the latest graphics that are not inferior to discrete.
  • Arrow Lake – 2024 model. Everything is the same with AI and graphics, but the technical process will be Intel 20A. The first generation of the “angstrom era” Intel.
  • lunar lake and so on – release dates are not even predicted yet, these are more distant plans

As you can see, significant efforts of the company are now thrown into improving the technical process – technological problems at around 14 nm delayed this movement for a long time.

A complete list of announced plans can be found at Intel website.

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