Inferno in 3D

Hello everyone, this is Denis Weber.

When I first conceived my PolyRoad project, I immediately wrote down a few ideas in a notebook.
Among these ideas were the cities from the game Heroes 3. I just recorded Heroes 3 in 3d, having absolutely no idea if I could ever create an entire city from one picture of not the best quality.

As usual, especially for those who like the format more videonot text, I will leave the video at the end of the article.

Time passed and I improved my 3D more and more with each completed project. And then one day I reached the first city on the list. At that time, the city of Oplot became the most difficult project for me, as it often happens.

The city in the heroes is not just one or two buildings, but a dozen, each with its own unique features and at the same time consistent with the general style.

Some more time has passed and now I am creating Necropolis. Modeling the second city was not as difficult as the first, but the work did not diminish from this. I hope I managed to convey the sinister atmosphere of the city of skeletons and bone dragons.

When I planned the creation of the third city, I immediately knew that it would be Inferno. In appearance, it looks more complicated than others. In any case, it seemed so to me.

The artists, although in a 2D picture, but mega professionally conveyed the atmosphere of the city with the help of light and fire. But it’s one thing to admire professionals, and another thing to try to do something yourself. And make sure that the result is no worse than the original.

Today I will tell you how I created buildings for the gloomy fiery city of Inferno. Together with you, we will be nostalgic and remember all its inhabitants. And towards the end, I will show you my version of the city of the Creegan race from the cult game Heroes 3 in 3D.

According to legend, the Creegan are a race of demons that have turned a once fertile region into a lava-scorched wasteland. This explains such an ominous appearance of clouds, because local lakes throw a huge amount of burning into the air.

In the city, you can hire demons, cerberuses, devils, and other kind demo-like guys who somehow manage to get along together. Well, the names for the buildings are chosen the most appropriate.

The scheme I have already tested is to take a general list of buildings and model them in order. That way I can’t dodge some complex objects and then lament about why I even started all this.

The Capitol is one of the main buildings in the city. It is with the help of it that you can build buildings, and in its maximum configuration it gives a good increase in gold every day.

The building stands on a huge staircase and looks really solid. The demons even laid huge red carpets along the path of visitors to the Capitol.

And you can get to the roof directly through a large staircase. In fact, I almost exactly tried to recreate each of the buildings. Only occasionally did I make some small changes. For example, it would be logical to free the passage here by removing a couple of teeth. We will assume that I just improved some architectural flaws.

The next building is the tallest building in the entire city. It is the castle that is responsible for the quality of defense during the battle. The higher its level, the better the fortifications. It may seem that for some models it is enough to copy the created parts, because they look somewhat similar, but believe me, apart from a couple of similar parts, there are enough other parts in the building.

Even now, looking at the picture, I noticed that the city is full of fire and thought, pardon the pun, how soon I will burn.
I spent several hours on the Castle, but in the end I liked that it turned out to be rendered so similarly to the original.

A tavern is always just a tavern. A place where we can hire heroes. There is no longer any need for it, in general.
Since the picture is so small that it is not particularly clear what lies near the walls of the house, I turned on my imagination and thought of everything myself.

I modeled a plank floor and placed some large vases on top of it. Hastily knocked together a wooden table and threw stones and logs nearby. And in one of the vases he put something like a potato. I don’t think that it could be stored under all these ashen skies, but the city itself as a whole, you see, is not very similar to our reality.

If you remember the Stronghold, then in it the forge looked like a beach cabana. In Inferno, it is a massive house with two large chimneys and infernal furnaces. Here you can buy a wagon train with ammunition, which will come in handy in battles. A little later, I will light the stoves and add the same hellish flame to them, but for now I have placed a few barrels and vases around the perimeter.

The resource warehouse and market is the local Stonehenge. The warehouse is adjacent to the market and brings one unit of mercury every day. In the market, just like in all other cities, you can buy or sell any resource. I do not remember that I often used the services of the market in the game myself, but more sensible players could probably simplify their lives a little.

It is logical that for witchcraft, the heroes need to buy a magic book. When you visit the Mages Guild for the first time, when you buy it, you get several basic spells at once, and each new floor increases their level.

I will not hide it, the Mages Guild is my favorite building in the whole city.
You just look at this tall building with fire bowls and red flags on flagpoles. And this is the case when the model of each floor is similar to the previous one.

The Order of Fire increases the power of the hero’s magic when visiting him and nothing else. Apparently this is something like an altar. Pieces of pointed metal buried in the ground and a torus through which they pass. I did not spend much time modeling it and moved on to another local architectural element.

The gates of the city are much more useful than the Order of Fire. They allow heroes to travel between Inferno cities. They reminded me of tentacles, between which a fire broke out. Simple and tasteful.

I didn’t notice how I’ve already done half of all the buildings in the city. And next in line is the Big Incubator.
Devils live in the Incubator and they apparently live right in the fire.
The building has a very interesting shape, but not very practical. If now the Incubator does not look very serious, then in the final render, believe me, it looks intimidating.

Someone scattered a few cages and pieces of broken columns and called it simply. Cells. In this building, you can hire three-headed Cerberus. Medium in power, but with good speed in combat.

A large door and several windows seem to lead to someone who is looking after the Cerberus. While the model with the door is hanging in the air, but when I add rocks to the scene, it will fit exactly into the terrain.

The Temple of Sins is where the Magogs live. The temple tower somehow reminded me of the steampunk style. A large cistern on legs, from which molten lava pours through a spout. I wish I could make something like this from scratch. In the meantime, I can only admire the artists of the game.

The work went quite quickly, but I will tell you a secret that modeling such a project is far from the most resource-intensive task. After creating all the models, you need to unwrap them, create or use ready-made textures, create the entire environment, set up cameras and animations, and only then send the project to render, which in itself can take fifty hours.

I will not load you, because very soon I will show what I got out of all this.

Gates of Hell allows you to hire Horned Demons. Huge horns protrude through the roof, and the roof itself is somewhat similar to a hat. The artist definitely made a reference to the cowboys, but this did not make the building lose its uniqueness. The second building exactly repeats the first, so I just had to copy it.

If you did not know where the underworld is, then it is right here. Big hole, three pillars, and a disk with a pentagram in the middle. This is exactly what this popular place looks like according to the creators of the game.

I fiddled with the failure for a while, but then I deleted everything anyway and redid it, embedding it into the overall landscape.

Sea of ​​Fire and two golden towers on it. Although this building and the Temple of Sins are not connected in any way, the artists extended the river from the temple so that it flows straight into the sea. I think it’s a very cool move.
It seems to me that this is the most expensive building in the city and something tells me that this is not ordinary gilding.

Hooray! This is the very last building I need to model. An abandoned castle and the main guys in the whole city are the Archdevils. At first I thought that this pink shade was created by the sun or some other sources, but then, having arranged all the light and adjusted it, I realized that the tusks were painted like that. Why not.

In addition to the three towers, there is a large building of an interesting shape with the same tusks on the mountain.

I finished with all the buildings and began to fit them in size. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to download a model of a person and substitute him for each of the buildings and, based on his size, change the size of the building.

I wish I could say I was almost done with the project, but I still had quite a lot of work to do. It was necessary to arrange all the buildings in the right places, create a landscape and much more, which I have already mentioned.

And of course, it was necessary not to forget to create small houses for local residents, which are scattered around the city along with the main buildings.

But I create videos to make them interesting to watch, so right now we will move on to the most important thing – the city of Inferno in 3D.

I find it easier and faster to create 3D graphics. If at the beginning of my journey I would have spent a couple of months on such a project, now I can fit in a couple of weeks. Once again I am convinced that everything that comes to mind is possible, the main thing is perseverance and desire.

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