Increasing sales with customer reviews

Increasing sales with customer reviews.

Customer reviews – feedback from users of goods or services and very important characteristics of the business. Unfortunately, not everyone has their value: they do not accumulate, react only to positive feedback and do not work with negative ones or get rid of them.

This approach is a mistake.

Ratings form customer loyalty, inform consumers about surveillance products, profit expectations, and approach the company, realize, realize sales.

Customer trust is expected.

A product without reviews is suspicious, as are only positive comments.

Situations often happen on their sites and they are afraid of criticism.

But users do not believe such “sterile” responses and go to other sites.

Customer feedback is also an increase in sales.

First, the feedback is convincing that the product or service is really good. When a person sees a positive review from another buyer, they tend to trust this more than advertising or product descriptions on the site.

Second, buyers have the opportunity to learn what they like and dislike about their products or services. This allows you to improve the quality of products and services, as well as make more accurate proposals for events.

Finally, customer testimonials were sold to increase sales. If a seller knows how to properly use reviews, he can attract customers and increase sales. For example, he may use positive reviews in an ad or on a website to grab the attention of buyers.

In addition, customer reviews were used for search engine optimization of the site. Search engines take into account the quantity and quality of reviews, and the more positive reviews a woman has, the higher her ranking in the SERPs.

How to collect customer feedback

How to collect customer reviews and use them in your repositories?

1. Ask for feedback

Feel free to ask for customer reviews. This can be done after the purchase, on the website, on social networks or via email. It is important that the request be polite and non-intrusive intrusive.

2. Reward customer reviews

Reward customers for leaving reviews. This can be a discount on a repeat purchase, a gift or bonus points. Thus, you see that you value your opinion and want them to come back to you again and again.

3. Analyze reviews

Analyze reviews to find out what customers think about a future product or result. Identify problems and work on fixing them. Also pay attention to positive reviews and speak up in your marketing campaigns.

4. Respond to reviews

Respond to reviews to show children that you value their opinion and willingness to solve a problem. Respond quickly and politely, even if the feedback is negative. This will help keep the client and increase your reputation.

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