in what resolution to release content in 2022?

Horizontal video

The obvious winner in screen ratios here is still the old 16:9, which can not be said about the vertical format.

And yet, let’s finally make sure of this, and at the same time set the limits of deviations, which will be considered the norm further:

Over 50% of users have a width/height ratio between 1.67 and 1.81 (including phones in landscape orientation)

Let’s just take this range of ratios and look at the resolutions used:

1920×1080 – FullHD is still in the top, 4K is only in 4th place so far

But we also see a huge number of dots scattered from 300 to 3900 pixels wide. Let’s look at the sum of the popularity values ​​of adjacent widths within 100 pixels to see everything more clearly:

Of course, the simple answer is – the more, the better, but there is no point in making widths greater than 2800 pixels at all.

So what is the optimal resolution to render videos, so that it is not too stressful and that most users will be satisfied?

The largest derivative is at the graph point 1920, this width provides almost 90% of users.

The old man 1920×1080 is still alive and livelier than many. And newfangled 1440p and 4K give an increase of only 10% at an extra cost of 70%.

Verdict: at least 1920×1080

for horizontal videos

for vertical and more at

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