In defense of freedom of information

Why is this important to me?

  • I use Gmail as my primary email address, both personal and work. Many other services are tied to personal email, so losing access to it will cause problems.

  • I use a smartphone on OS Android, and for work I need some applications from the Google Play Store. The inability to regularly update these applications to the latest versions, as well as receive push notifications, will create no less problems than the loss of access to email.

  • I use Google search, Google Docs, Google Translate, Google News, YouTube.

Why don’t I want to use alternatives from Russian companies?

  • The YouTube video service is valuable primarily for its content. RuTube and are not even close to its competitors or alternatives.

  • According to my observations, a Google search for topics of interest to me gives more relevant results than Yandex. Perhaps this is still a matter of personal preference.

  • mail – works slowly, the interface is cluttered with ads, passes spam into the inbox. Despite all these shortcomings, I use it as a backup mail for restoring accounts, it has historically happened. I can’t say anything about Yandex mail, I didn’t use it. VK mail appeared relatively recently, the interface is much faster and is not cluttered with ads, compared to There is some choice, but I treat all options with caution.

Given the current size of the global web, the speed at which new content appears, the ease of posting copies of content on various web resources, and the global nature of Google’s activities, it makes no sense to try to impose on them the obligation to moderate all search results, and to butt in the courts for failure to delete any information.

Instead, RKN, together with search engines, could work out an interface for the automatic exchange of lists by which users, if desired, could further filter the search results. Check the box and you will continue to live in pink glasses. Uncheck the box and see the real world.

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