Import and export data with closed eyes

The experts of the first Russian digital integrator QSOFT have gathered their knowledge and skills in the field of data import and export so that you can perform your work tasks more efficiently and faster.

At the meetup you will learn:

  • about typical mistakes: an import that cannot process a large amount of data and will definitely fall;

  • how to optimize import performance by parallelizing processing and inserting data, as well as when using Redis, MariaClaster and batch queues;

  • how to import data from a pdf scan using machine vision;

  • how to do analytics and reports in microservice architecture.

Meetup program:

19:00 – 19:05 Registration

19:10 – 19:25 “Bad” advice

Mikhail Volkov, head of QSOFT training department

19:35 – 19:50 Machine vision

Vladimir Manerov, Executive Director of QSOFT

20:00 – 20:15 Import optimization mechanism

Dmitry Manerov, CTO of QSOFT

20:25 – 20:40 How to build analytics in microservice architecture

Ahmed Magomedov, QSOFT Technical Lead

Our meetup is practical, so you will see how this or that technology is applied on specific cases, and get comprehensive answers to all your questions.

Join us and optimize your data experience with our experience!

Meetup will be held online on March 3 at 19:00.

How to get:

Leave a request on the site

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