Implementation of Zabbix in complex monitoring systems. CROC’s experience

Valentin Nyk, Head of IT Infrastructure Management Systems Department, CROC

CROC has an idea to create an integrated monitoring system (SCM) that will replace the existing industrial solutions. This need arose because it became unprofitable for business to use foreign developments. They have risen in price, do not take into account the needs of Russian customers and may be subject to sanctions.


Large companies have been using various SCMs for a long time. However, it became unprofitable to use them. Below we will explain why.

After the crisis in 2014, exchange rates have approximately doubled. Industrial solutions also rose in price. Therefore, companies are trying to optimize solutions or their ownership model.

Foreign developments are not focused on the Russian market. Russian customers account for an average of 1% of the global market. Therefore, developers are reluctant to solve their problems.

There are sanctions in the country, and the state is pursuing a policy of import substitution. This makes it harder for businesses to use foreign software.

“Since 2014, our economic realities have changed. They are connected, first of all, with the exchange rate. The cost of owning an enterprise has doubled in a few months. And even for our large customers, this has become a problem. For the past five years, many have been optimizing the technology ownership model. ”

Valentin Nyk, Head of IT Infrastructure Management Systems Department, DIT

A task

To solve the problem, you need to develop an SCM on an alternative decision stack. Such a stack can include open source software, open source solutions and in-house developments.

SCM requirements

It is important that SCM is not inferior in functionality to foreign industrial solutions, but at the same time is cheaper.


When creating SCM, KROK relied on the accumulated experience. SCM conceptual architecture as a whole repeats industrial solutions of foreign vendors and consists of three main levels:

  1. data collection,

  2. data analysis,

  3. presentation of monitoring results.

SCM architecture

The data collection layer is occupied by Zabbix. The system collects data and transfers it to the next levels. Zabbix allows versatile monitoring and works with various monitoring objects: from servers and operating systems to the network and external systems.

At the analytic level, the tasks of monitoring services are solved. Data from the first level is used to build resource-service models, machine learning, graph processing and analytics.

The presentation layer uses a classic set of solutions. With their help, the data collected at the first level can be presented in different ways, for example, in the form of graphs or 3D models.

With the help of Zabbix, CROC has created SCM, which:

  • closes all logical levels in the classic IT infrastructure,
  • not inferior in functionality to foreign industrial solutions,
  • can be adapted to customer requirements,
  • allows you to conduct intelligent analysis and post-analysis of data for any model.

Where else can you use Zabbix

Below are the cases of the CROC company in which the Zabbix system is used.

  • Zabbix and SOC **. ** According to statistics, the main source of information security events are events from the IT infrastructure. If you integrate SOC with Zabbix, then the monitoring system will become the source of these events for the SOC. This integration allows you to make informed decisions on the processing of information security incidents.
  • Zabbix and control system… Any control system can be made more flexible. This requires intelligent monitoring data. The system will analyze them and make decisions that take into account the real situation in the IT infrastructure.
  • Zabbix and capacity management… Growing businesses often require new capacities. It is expensive to buy additional equipment and software. It is more profitable to optimize those that already exist.

Zabbix helps with optimization. The system serves as a source of big data, on the basis of which you can build models and make predictions.

  • Monitoring as a service. Management services, paid services of IT companies for business, are beginning to develop in Russia. Monitoring can also be sold as such a service. In this case, Zabbix will be an excellent source of data for calculating the cost of ownership, providing paid IT services.

Zabbix features

CROC is a Russian developer of software, mobile applications, integrated platforms, solutions for data protection and storage optimization. Cooperates with more than 270 hardware and software manufacturers. Its services and solutions are aimed at improving the efficiency of companies using IT. The company’s priority is an integrated approach that combines infrastructure optimization and business process automation.

Headquarters: Russia, Moscow
Number of employees: 1,777
Date of foundation: 1992

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