“Immediately after the holidays”: seminars, master classes and technology competitions at ITMO University

We decided to start the year with a selection of events that will be held with the support of ITMO University in the coming months. These will be conferences, olympiads, hackathons and soft skills master classes.

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Yandex Science Prize named after Ilya Segalovich

When: October 15 – January 13
Where: online

Students, graduate students and researchers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan can compete for the prize. For example, last year a representative of ITMO University became the winner of the prize.

If you are engaged in research in the field of machine learning, data analysis and computer vision, you need to apply until January 13. Then you can compete for the prize for young researchers. It is 350 thousand rubles. It is complemented by the opportunity to attend an international conference on artificial intelligence systems and an invitation to an internship in the Yandex Research Department. Supervisors receive a large sum – 700 thousand rubles.

The winners are selected by a committee of university professors and Yandex specialists.

Interuniversity competition of research and innovation projects

When: December 23 – January 31
Where: Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

This competition is part of the Russia-Southeast Finland 2014–2020 program. It is carried out to stimulate research and development of startups. Those who pass the selection will be sent to the Russian-Finnish accelerator, where it will be possible to present their ideas to leading industry experts. The directions are: food and energy-saving technologies, solutions for the closed-loop economy, IT in the field of biotechnology and biotechnology in medicine.

Teams of students, graduate students and university professors from Russia participate – you need to submit an application until January 31. Those who do not have a team can join existing projects.

Contest news is published on Facebook.

Hackathon Moscow Travel Hack

When: December 27 – January 28
Where: Volgogradsky prospekt, 42, building 5, Technopolis "Moscow"

Hackathon holds the Committee on Tourism of Moscow. His theme is the digitalization of the tourism industry. The tasks for the event were specialists from Megafon, Facebook, Aeroexpress, PANORAMA 360 – they will be interesting to front-end and back-end developers, programmers, system administrators, designers and analysts. Winners will share a prize pool of 1.1 million rubles.

If you do not have a team, it is worth submitting an individual application. Then the organizers will help you choose colleagues for your interests. You can also come up with your team and a ready-made solution – just declare the project and present the idea at the pitch session. Recording is open until January 28th.

Student Olympiad RTM CHALLENGE

When: February 1 – March 31
Where: online

The Olympics are held with the support of the IT company RTM GROUP. Participants will be offered to complete three tasks to choose from. The first is to write an article on cybersecurity. Among the topics highlighted are: “Internet of Things (IoT) Security”, “Regulation of Information Security in Russia”, “Data Leaks”, “Software Vulnerability Analysis” and dozens of others.

Secondly, students can submit design works dedicated to their own or already developing IT technologies in the market of tourism, medicine, economics or education.

The third option is to present a marketing research in the field of information security products. Detailed information on the topics of work and design of projects is given in the regulation on the Olympiad.

The best authors will enter the full-time stage of the competition, which will be held in April. Winners will undergo an internship at the company and become participants in educational programs at its expense.

Everyone needs to register on the site (registration will open at the end of January).

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SCAMT Workshop Week Winter Science School

When: January 20 – 26
Where: st. Lomonosov St., 9, Chemical-biological cluster SCAMT

SCAMT Workshop Week (SWW) is a nanotechnology workshop. Its participants implement a real scientific chemical-biological project in just a week. This can be a DNA nanorobot, a luminous web or a memristor, a synthesis of a nanopharmaceutical or a model of the circulatory system. Project work will be supplemented by thematic lectures and master classes.

Standup “How did we live without flexible skills for 120 years?”

When: January 24th
Where: st. Deaf Zelenin, 2, Sound-Cafe "LADY"

The event is timed to the 120th anniversary of ITMO University. Associate professor of the chemical-biological cluster Mikhail Kurushkin will deliver a humorous program dedicated to soft-skills (“flexible skills”). Sometimes they are called "supra-subject competencies." Michael will analyze the catchy term and talk about the difficulties of translating it. Registration is open to all comers.

“Global warming is a real challenge for the cold industry”

When: January 29
Where: st. Lomonosov, 9, ITMO University, room 1120

This is a scientific and technical conference that will bring together experts from ITMO University, the International Academy of Refrigeration, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, as well as the National Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They will discuss current issues in energy and ecology, the north and global warming, renewable energy sources, as well as refrigeration technologies to preserve the biodiversity of the Earth's fauna. The reports will be published in the journals “Bulletin of the International Academy of Refrigeration”, “Empire of the Cold”, Refportal and others.

You can apply for a performance until January 15 here.

Master class "Dream Team"

When: February 5th
Where: st. Lomonosov St., 9, ITMO University

Another event dedicated to the 120th anniversary of ITMO University. This is a three-hour master class from our teachers of soft-skills disciplines. They will tell you how to motivate team members and find an approach to each of them. Registration will open closer to the date of the event.

ITMO University Winter School “You Have To Decide!”

When: February 10 – 14
Where: st. Lomonosov St., 9, ITMO University

For students studying in the areas of: photonics, programming, big data, information security and robotics. Participants are waiting for master classes, lectures and work with mentors, as well as excursions to the offices of partner companies – Yandex, Sberbank, Dr.Web, JetBrains.

Photo tour: what is being done at the ITMO University's Laboratory of Quantum Materials

Creative technology for the digital world

When: February 26 – April 24
Where: st. Tchaikovsky, 11/2

The head of the Center for Personal Development at ITMO University Anastasia Prichislenko and leading business trainers from T&D Technologies will hold master classes, talk about the principles of the brain and thinking, as well as how to train confidence and public speaking skills.

Admission is free by prior registration. The link will appear closer to the date of the event.

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