“I’ll sleep for an hour even on a working environment” – or briefly about how a junior does not burn out at the beginning of the journey

Say hello to junam, I’m with you! And I am writing a post after a hard kick from my own tired body.

I think that the problem of burnout of specialists at any level of development in any direction in general is a topical, funny, a little hysterical, and yet painful. Often it is burnout that is the cause of the huge turnover of June staff. The young specialist looks at his cool colleagues and dreams of getting on the same level with them. And the reasons are quite understandable: someone is uncomfortable with the fact that he is below everyone else, someone wants to get a really good salary, someone wants to show off to his acquaintances how quickly he has grown to middle / senior. But what do we see? Overtime, absence of days off and dismissal of an employee. This post will be an appeal specifically to the guys of my same level. It will be like a division on the shelves for “dummies”.

Item 1: Understanding the Link Chain

Overtime -> burnout -> decreased performance -> getting fired -> feeling small

In short, your overtime “for good” results in you becoming a less productive employee and can lead to being fired. Understanding this chain of effect can help you stop working so hard under the auspices of “I’ll get better.” It’s more likely to bring losses to the team, that’s the word. For the sake of reliability, you can go to your boss and clarify the points with processing. I think if I ever do that, slippers will fly at me).

Item 2: Take time off or lose an employee

I will separate this into a separate paragraph. It will really be easier for the manager to give you a couple of days off than you will work with all your might and just go to zero. I remind you that work is not hard labor, you can only be productive if you are a robot.

Item 3: To hell with productivity and gliders

If you can’t make ToDo lists or be consistently productive like bloggers on social media, then congratulations: you’re human. Alas, we cannot always be 100 percent productive: hormonal fluctuations, weather conditions, sleep, nutrition, burnout, corny “not working” – all this shakes your productivity quite well. You have made a plan for the week, what is tedious to do? Do it calmly. Task not done? Drink coffee, rest, switch to another, and then return to this one. If the deadlines are really running out, you can always ask the manager for help, I remind you, you are juniors, and I’m talking just for those who have no experience in such work.

Item 4: vitamins and movement in (n) our everything

Banal point, but many people forget. A trite vitamin complex can help support both the immune system and brain function, and keep you afloat. Work by work, cramming by cramming, but constant gatherings at the computer without light and vitamins will turn you into a slender man)

Item 5: See What Else You Can Get Burned Out From

It also happens when you burn out from a lack of motivation: monetary, career, developing, or some other. If there is a feeling that the team is distant from you, there is no contact, you seem to be somewhere in the backyard, then burnout can also come, because it is often important that you are inside all events, communicate with colleagues, receive feedback, or at least be not in the backyard.

Item 6: it’s final

Well, if nothing works at all, then ask yourself the question: are you sure you are doing what you want? It is likely that those guys who came to the IT industry came to the wrong position or did not want to be here at all. A trite answer to this question for yourself can help with the analysis of that, or can you give up everything and start doing what you love?

I hope the junish guys were interested, and maybe someone will find something for themselves)

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