I checked how easy it is for an individual entrepreneur to switch to Megafon with his number, the result was very surprising

I decided to try to transfer the number, which is issued to the IP from one operator to another operator. Outgoing operator Beeline receiving operator Megafon. I assumed that this procedure has been working on individuals for more than one year, and a similar procedure with an IP number should not cause difficulties.

Outside the 21st century, I decided to do it via the Internet and see what happens.

On September 6, Megafon left a request on the Website to be contacted.

It was confirmed to the indicated mail that the application was accepted, but the call was not received that day. The next day, Andrey’s manager called me and confirmed that the IP number is “easy” to transfer. Sent by mail that I must provide for the conclusion of the contract.

What was required was sent, I was created a personal account and offered to choose a salon in which it is necessary to sign the sent documents.

Everything went smoothly and there was no doubt that it might not work out. Internally rejoiced at how everything became simple and convenient. The first calls went, an SMS came in, in which there was a different PM number. I did not pay attention to it at that moment, but it was worth paying attention to it.

After that, I received an invitation to the post office indicating the time at which I should come to the salon to sign the application and the contract. It was necessary to have an IP seal and a passport with you.

From that moment, inconsistencies in the algorithms began. My documents were not sent to the salon on Malinovsky for signing. Several times contacted the office to understand what to do with me. After 40 minutes, we were able to fill out an application and sign a contract.

I wrote to the manager Andrei that he completed all the procedures.

I received a new SIM card and began to wait for the porting (Beeline’s consent to give the number), in order for the porting to be successful, you need to pay all the operator’s bills if you have a postpaid.

8 days pass and nothing happens. I am writing to the manager Andrey about the absence of the event.

I wait until Monday, nothing happens. I try to contact him on Tuesday, no answer. On Wednesday I am writing a letter and find out that he is on sick leave and they are switching me to Anastasia.

Anastasia did not answer me and I could not contact her. I arrived at the Megafon salon, where I signed the contract and the application. Then it turned out that the personal account 333146774403 was closed, porting was not carried out, they could not help me in the salon, I had to contact the office.

Today they call me back from the Megafon office and tell me that the transfer will not work. There are two options:

  1. Apply again and go through the whole procedure again, but it’s better to do it in the Megafon salon, and not via the Internet;

  2. Transfer a number in Beeline from an individual entrepreneur to an individual, go to Megafon as an individual, and transfer the number to an individual in Megafon from an individual.

I chose the third option not to go to Megafon. I did not expect such a simple procedure to end in a complete fiasco.

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