Hunt for Threat Hunters: how to find and train competent specialists?

Information security is a very simple science, but it is amazing how many myths are around it. The market is overheating and companies that collect millions of dollars from investors are often a “soap bubble”. Ignorance of the tactics, tools and motivation of cybercriminals leads to the fact that investing in security is a waste of money.

There are two specialties: Threat Intelligence expert and Threat Hunting expert, which can reduce the company's cybersecurity costs by 80%. Because knowledge of attackers is the most important value for solving the tasks of proactively searching for complex cyber threats and preventing new cyber attacks.

However, in the labor market there are few or no specialists with knowledge and skills in the field of Threat Hunting.

Tomorrow, November 21, at 11.00 a webinar will be held Anastasia Barinova, Deputy Head of the Computer Forensics Laboratory for Training (Group-IB), on the topic "Hunt for Threat Hunters", at which we will discuss:

  • The problem of finding Threat Hunting specialists;
  • The role of Threat Hunting specialists in the organization’s cybersecurity processes;
  • Training employees and enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field of Threat Hunting.

Registration is available via a link strictly from corporate mail.

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