How we’re trying to keep recruiters out of work

  • 5 ignores
  • 3 answers with remarks like “did you even read my resume”?
  • 1 rough send for three letters
  • 1 answer that “you can basically talk”

With this one out of ten, they will go further in the hunting process. And after that, it is far from a fact that the candidate will not suddenly leave. Now you can imagine what a dreary process it is.

Why a bot?

Our idea was to automate the process of finding people, and in the white, without creating any new tools that would harass developers, such as, for example, one of the major players in the recruitment market, which parses developer data from open sources, allowing then massively, spam them. Such tools are low conversion and extremely risky for those who work with them.

We thought about which platform to make this decision on and the choice fell on Telegram, because it has the necessary functionality of bots and most of the CIS developers are present there. Perfect. One bot solves several pains at once.

Personalized offers for each of the participants in accordance with the parameters that he set. To protect people from irrelevant spam with requests, for example, to the front-end developer to look at the vacancy of the back-ender.

Open payroll. Well, or an indication that the company is ready to give as much as you ask (adequate to the market). Companies cannot talk publicly about salaries for a very simple reason – then they will have to constantly increase the salary of everyone that will negatively affect the business. By hiding the fork, companies want to avoid conflicts within teams and simply save money (we condemn!).

The exclusion of communication with a person. At least at the initial stage. The candidate does not have to read the ornate wording of recruiters who insistently ask to see their vacancy, and then gasp in surprise when they are told the amount of the fee. For those who do not particularly like to communicate, this is important.

Everything is at hand, just a couple of taps with your finger – no separate applications, sites where you need to update your resume in any form.

The best confirmation that we are on the right track is the constantly growing user base of the bot.

Why are we doing this?

It would be a lie to say that we are trying for the sake of all that is good, against all that is bad, just for the respect of the community. Why do we continue to work and pay for the servers in the end?

As I wrote above, the bot closes the recruiting process that every HR service has, saving companies money, since in the absence of a bot, a person who sends out a lot of requests is engaged in recruiting, expecting someone to be interested in their vacancies. A person needs to constantly pay a salary, he can get sick or even change his mind about doing this. The bot in this regard is less capricious and does what it is told.

For a symbolic amount, a company that needs people can place its vacancy in our bot, which, in turn, will only reach those people whose requests in terms of stack, salary and location it matches. And the company will see only their responses.

Once again on the fingers. Transylvania-based Horns and Hooves is looking to hire a JavaScript developer with knowledge of Express.js and React and is willing to pay him 5k euros per month. She comes to us with a request to place her vacancy in the bot and pays for it for the price of a bowl of soup. Further, the text of the vacancy gets into the bot, which looks for matches between the company’s Wishlist and the Wishlist of candidates who are close to this set of technologies, salary, and who are not against relocation. Then only they are shown the offer of the company. If you want – answer, if you don’t want – don’t answer. The question “Dear user, did you manage to get acquainted with the vacancy?” the bot will not ask you.

This way, candidates only get relevant offers, and companies don’t waste resources sifting through the internet. Win Win for everyone.


Our bot also has analogues, but not everything is so simple with them. When making our decision, we looked at their disadvantages and tried to remove them at the model development stage, so this is the very case when competition motivates to be better.

Understanding the nature of the developer as a type of user helps to see what exactly is a minus. He is very complex and he has neither the desire nor the time to go through long registrations, to respond to something for a long time. He wants the maximum result in the minimum amount of time. When you make a product for developers, you should always keep this in mind. Well, now let’s move on to the minuses in solutions similar to our bot, there are only two of them.

  1. Nonlinear sequence in algorithms.
    It should be borne in mind that telegram bots are rather poor in terms of UX design and there is no need to once again force a person to click on the sub-items of the questionnaire so that theoretically he does not reach the end and does not get his vacancy. Hence the conclusion – the questionnaire should be made simple and linear.
  2. Difficult job application.
    In the telegram bot, which had been working for a year before our product, in order to apply for a vacancy, they were asked to follow a link to a third-party site where you must register, fill out a profile, submit the profile for consideration, and only after that you can apply for vacancies. Hence the conclusion – there is no need to force users with additional transitions and filling out unnecessary forms. The response should be as fast as possible.

Moreover, projects similar to ours are launched again and again, but the errors indicated above are inherited. Why is unclear.

What are we going to

As part of the telegram bot, we want to make a convenient tool for finding developers. So that it is easy for both candidates and companies. To put it another way, we want to eliminate the human factor from the recruiting process, due to which candidates are bombarded with irrelevant offers, companies sit without specialists, and HR turns gray by 25. I hope we succeed …

Despite the cancellation of entire countries, crises and other difficulties, we continue to make a Telegram bot Get Me It to anonymously and quickly establish contact between you and your dream job. Set up filters in the bot and get the most relevant offers for your needs.

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authorship/editing/memes — by doublesharp

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