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Hello! At the end of August, we held the first online meetup for products, which included 3 reports, a round table, many discussions and interesting questions. As the name implies, the meetup was about products and for products. In this post, we have collected presentations of all speakers, video speeches and answers to questions. So, in order.

Targeted interview, Zhenya Guryanov

The multitude of questions and cases encountered in product selection can sometimes scare even the most experienced product owner. Zhenya analyzed three cases in detail. Behavioral Issuesthat are asked for testing soft skills. For example, they ask you to talk about a situation in which you had to compromise. Market sizing and questions on the ability to identify product metrics.

Test yourself – how would you answer the questions?

  • What are 10 ways to use a pencil?

  • How many cars are there in the Moscow Metro?

  • Design a rocking chair.

Why the product needs these types of questions, how to answer them and how not to – see the video recording. Hold check list “Targeted interview. Most Important ”, with examples of questions and structure of the answer.

Is it morally right to prepare people specifically for interviews and not for product work? Let’s say you pumped a candidate, he passed an interview, and then showed nothing after the fact of work?

And here is the answer

Intuition vs Systematization. How product managers are actually hired, Polina Oparina

Polina spoke about the hiring funnel from the hiring manager and the candidate. I noticed that you need to treat the hiring process with a product approach, with a constant desire to optimize and test hypotheses in case of failure.

Remember that it only takes about 30 seconds to decide on a resume. This means that the resume should be short and clearly structured. A resume should be treated like a product, it should be short and to the point, prioritize information, don’t be lazy to rewrite your resume, taking into account the principle of search engine optimization.

At the meetup, two types of selection approach were analyzed in detail: intuitive and systemic. Why is the intuitive approach difficult to hack and accurate enough? What are the main disadvantages and risks of an intuitive approach? What are the strengths of the systems approach, besides the built-up stages and the possibility of discussing solutions?

We talked about test tasks. The test task tests not only skills, but also motivation. We analyzed common mistakes and specific tips on how to successfully complete the stage with a test task.

Interview stage. It is important to confirm your skills on it and remember that an interview is not an interrogation, but a discussion.


  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Practice a structured approach.

  • Reflect on mistakes.

  • Learn storytelling.

  • Be open and polite.

  • Listen carefully, ask clarifying questions.

  • Prepare for the interview, prepare the questions, see who you are going to interview.

Polina shared her presentation and Culture fit checklist… And also useful an exercisem to prepare for the interview.

You raised the product … And then what? Sergey Parashchenko

Sergey told how MTS is engaged in product development.

Immediately I noticed that products in corporations and products in startups, small and medium-sized businesses are very different in both goals and mindset. This is due to the fact that startup products are driven by the process of creating products, testing hypotheses, plus a general state of uncertainty. If you are more comfortable doing analytics, being responsible for a specific piece within the product, conducting A / B testing, being responsible for the growth of specific metrics, then you are more for product development.

How to understand who is who?

More Product

  • Answers the question “What do you need?”

  • Responsible for making sure that someone needs something done

  • Responsible for the entire CJM of the client

  • Great responsibility for PnL – the bonus is tied to the result

More Project

  • Answers the question “How”?

  • Responsible for getting things done on time and on budget

  • Responsible for your slice of CJM client

  • Less responsibility for PnL – the bonus is tied to the completed scope of work on time.

A distinctive feature of corporate products is that they fixate on the process, and not on the user’s problems on the way to the goal, they are afraid to present an unsuccessful case, they try to show good numbers even with bad data from the client, they do not devote enough time to research the product.

You can also note a different skillset among the guys who are responsible for local and global products.

It is important to understand who you are, the path of development depends on this, and what skills will need to be downloaded.

Here presentation Sergei

Round table

It was interesting to hear the different opinions of the speakers on the questions of the meetup participants. We discussed what kind of answer is expected from a candidate in an interview and what an effective tactic for answering frequently asked questions:

  • Tell us about yourself?

  • Why do you want to work with us?

  • Why do interviews tend to fail?

  • And how to answer the question on salary expectations, which fork will be appropriate?

  • How to talk to potential employers if you come from another field?

  • What is more important than soft skill or hard skill?

  • How important is salesmanship to a product?

Guys, thank you for participating in the online meetup. I really wanted to gather cool speakers on a topic that is relevant and in demand on the market and interesting participants who ask pressing questions 🙂

It seems that it succeeded. Three hours passed quickly. Thank you all for your participation and activity!

There will be more similar meetups. We will shoot the current agenda, select the right topics and speakers without water.

On landing page there is a button, with its help you can suggest a topic that you think is interesting. It will be great if you also describe why this topic is important to you.

Stay tuned!

Denis Yalugin, product owner of Alfa-Bank.

We also have a Product Owner vacancy in the direction of web product development. If you are interested – here’s a link.

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