How to write an article

Guys, hello, I would like to write a post about how sometimes the same events are perceived differently in different societies.
Here’s an example for you. I wrote my first android application without knowing anything about android copybooks at all, but nevertheless, I could, I did. I did it for the first time for a child and for a fan, and then I decided to share my “achievement” with the global community and here is the result. On one site, things come up, people give real technical advice on how to do better, what can be completed, they generally like it, people help each other, incl. in professional development. Like do this or that and try this or that

And there is another community where everything happens differently. Here is the same information, but more detailed, but, unfortunately, does not find support
vidos here for understanding

Please tell me what needs to be described, how to present information, so that it would be more or less interesting in this community, taking into account the fact that I cannot offer something original and my experience is rather primitive, but it may be useful to someone something else.

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