how to work with orchestration systems and automate routine

On November 2, the second Meetup about DevOps “Orcs are here”… The speakers shared real experiences and showed how they automate the routine in the development of fintech services.

How bots began to work for admins, and what came of it. Dmitry Vorobyov, Head of External Systems Support Department

  • How to assemble a process by hand, and then give it to the power of a script

  • What it takes to make all participants happy

  • What problems does total automation promise?

Why did we hire a conductor to run the orchestra. Maxim Ogryzkov, Lead System Administrator, External Systems Support Department

  • Self-written modules and plugins in Python for Ansible

  • Description of the application infrastructure using JSON Schema

  • Flask and Dramatiq to automate the application lifecycle

Coober or the adventures of K8s in YuMoney. Alexey Reitsman, Senior System Administrator, External Systems Support Department

  • How We Implemented Kubernetes into Processes

  • Spoiler alert: two service discovery for one service mesh

  • What happened in the end

If you have any questions about the cases, write in the comments, and the speakers will definitely answer you. In order not to miss new meetups, subscribe to Telegram channel with announcements and technical news

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