How to talk about money and other red and green flags in job interviews

Hello! My name is Vlada, I work in the marketing department of Habr. Recently, VK and I helped newcomers. And do not forget that the employer pays not only wages, but also social benefits.

Ideal Schema: you know your needs, look at the market, call the salary segments and leave the opportunity for the employer to offer less. For example, “I looked at the market, I saw a fork of 50-80 thousand rubles. I understand that this may depend on the level of knowledge. I have experience in X, Y, Z, so I pretend to be at the top of the fork, but I am ready for dialogue.

In general, it’s okay to ask in an interview if there are any pay review rules if that’s a concern for you (but don’t ask it first – it’s a good rule of thumb).

But what to do if a very small amount was sent in the offer? Again, go to negotiations. You can write like this: “Thank you for the offer, I liked it! But the money offer is slightly below my expectations. If there is an opportunity to review it, I will be grateful and, most likely, I will accept an offer in your direction.

Also here: avoid being manipulated by fictitious offers. If there really are offers, show that you are choosing not only because of the money, that you like this company, but its money offer does not quite fit.

You can watch the full conversation link. And Anna and her colleague, as part of a live action, interviewed a tester who was subsequently hired, you can look here.

Hope it was helpful!

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