How to run python scripts via cron on Linux

Description of the process of running python scripts on a Linux server.

Python alternatives to cron are timer or periodic tasks (celery).

Server preparation

The server must be configured to work with python. I will repeat the main points from the article at the link.

The python packages must be installed on the server:

sudo apt install python3-pip python3-dev python3-setuptools build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev

The python3-venv package is installed:

sudo apt install python3-venv

Put the files in the required directory and create a virtual environment there:

File preparation

At the top of the python file, add a line leading to the python virtual environment:

#! / home / user-name / project / venv / bin / python

Make file executable:

chmod + x

If you need dependencies (modules) for the file, you can install them separately through the requirements.txt file.

Adding to cron

There is a separate article on working with cron in Linux.

Open crown file:

Add our script:

0 12 * * * ~/project/app/ > ~/project/logs/python_script.log 2> &one

The line consists of: startup time / startup script / startup log (if there are no errors, it will be empty if nothing is specifically output there).

Possible mistakes

The path to the modules is not visible. Use this article.

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