How to reset karma on Habré

The article is no longer about how to do this, but about a proposal for improving UI / UX, because resetting is done quite simply: in your profile, click on the Whois button (it turns out to be a button) and select “Reset karma” in the drop-down list. Zeroing does not occur immediately, but only after a day (I don’t quite understand why) and you can use it only once

But I would like to write about how I think you can improve the user experience. The fact is that I had to use this option, because the karma was leaked for one comment in a political topic and therefore I had to restore the site again, for which I need to write an article in the sandbox again and wait for the blessing of the community. After the article was published on the site, contrary to expectations, everything started not from scratch, but from a deep minus. Some users after that threw pluses, and the minus gradually reached -17, but it was still very far from normal use of the site – I can’t even respond to my personal article more than once a day. Moreover, completely draining karma for just one comment seems not entirely fair, and the comment was, it seems to me, quite adequate, but in order not to pick up cons again, I asked technical support to delete this comment. -17 as I said, I didn’t like it, I wanted zero or even plus, so I wrote to technical support with a request to somehow help, for which a recommendation was given to use zeroing.

And here I want to add my user experience. Firstly, I did not know in principle about this possibility of zeroing, otherwise, even before the first deletion from the site, I could have had time to use it so that I would not be completely deleted. It seems to me that it would be more logical to remind about zeroing right next to the karma, there is quite a lot of space for this button. At worst, this drop-down list, which can be done in one row on the screen, so that all options (including zeroing) can be seen at once, because, for example, it was not entirely obvious to me that Whois is a button for the list. When I contacted support with a similar offer, they told me that such an open format would force me to use this option more often, which could cause negative again, because again they would use it at the wrong time. I personally think that these will already be the problems of the users themselves, especially since there is already a warning about the point of no return before zeroing. By the way, the reset delay is also not entirely clear. If there were no delay, then perhaps those pluses that reduced the minus to me, after resetting to zero, would have worked already in plus, and I could not only comment, but also vote on the site.

In general, I think that it is better to show the reset button not always, but with big minuses, as a reminder that you can use this to make you feel better. As I understand it, this is not at all difficult to do, because when I got the “tough” badge (by the way, now the badge was taken away for some reason, I thought it was for life) I was clearly given on each article in a red rectangular plate (which was very annoying) understand that I have no right to comment because I have little karma for this. So it works the same way in the other direction, as it seems to me.

And finally, an interesting question: those who are now “hawked”, can they use the zeroing of karma? Although how they will answer, they most likely cannot 🙂

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