How to programmer monitor health – experts answer

The work of a programmer, like most office workers, is inextricably linked to the regular use of a computer or laptop for a long time. And first of all, eyes suffer from this.

There are three main reasons why this happens:

  1. Exposure to harmful light emitted from gadget screens.
  2. Improper organization of the workspace.
  3. Failure to observe hygiene.

So, the main reason is the harmful short-wave blue-violet rays that emit gadget screens. These rays have a devastating effect on the retina of the eye and, over time, can lead to visual impairment. By the way, it is precisely because of their effect that symptoms of visual fatigue arise: redness of the eyes, dryness, pain, eyelids heaviness, feeling of sand in the eyes, headache and pain in the superciliary arches.

Of course, today electronic devices are no longer as harmful as before, and yet the very principle of their action is to emit light, including blue-violet. An exception is an e-book based on e-ink technology, which does not emit light, but reflects it. Therefore, when working with gadgets, it is necessary to protect the eyes.

Many people mistakenly believe that perforation glasses can do this, in which instead of the lenses there are black caps with many holes. But this is not so, since harmful rays will still penetrate through the holes. To protect the eyes, use glasses with special lenses that will filter out the blue-violet light, while letting in the rest of the spectrum, including the blue-blue rays, necessary to maintain health, vitality and well-being throughout the day. Also, make sure that the lenses block glare that can appear on the screens of gadgets, as they can also cause eye strain.

It is equally important to properly organize the workplace. It should be well lit, the lamp should not shine in your eyes or on the monitor screen. The computer needs to be installed at such a height that you do not have to turn up your head or, on the contrary, bend too much. A distance of 50-60 cm must be observed between the eyes and the screen.

An important role in maintaining eye health when working at a computer is played by the observance of visual hygiene. At least once every 20 minutes, try to move your gaze from the gadget screen to objects located at different distances – this will help to avoid eye strain. About once every two hours do a little gymnastics for the eyes: blink, move your eyes in different directions. And try not to exceed the total recommended gadgets for adults per day – 6 hours (8 is acceptable for industrial needs). It is better to go for a walk or go in for sports, especially those types in which active movement is associated with a constant transfer of gaze from one subject to another (ball games, badminton). This will help relieve tension from your eyes and bring them great benefit!

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