How to overcome procrastination – experts answer

A creative person is a complex and multifaceted nature. Sometimes the focus of attention shifts, and it is extremely difficult to get yourself back on track.

All violent measures from the category of “get together, this is now extremely important and very urgent” or do not work at all, or work very briefly. Well, you cannot force a creative person to create by force.

But there is an effective way – the “Happy Planning” method.

For example, you can’t start working with someone else’s code. Thoughts immediately come to mind that it is not logical enough and understandable. Understanding it is more expensive for yourself, it’s easier to re-write yourself.

“Well, no, let's not today. It’s not urgent, ”the brain tells us, and the question is postponed indefinitely.

Try differently. Write a list of 5 actions related to upcoming work. But these actions must meet three criteria:

  1. Speed.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. Pleasure.

Connect creative thinking – what can be done quickly, simply and with pleasure in the context of your task?

For example, remember how you already managed with someone else's code, or ask your colleagues how they worked effectively with it. Go for a walk without a specific goal to ventilate your head and free it for new ideas. There are a million options. But make sure that they are simple, quick to implement and bring you pleasure.

Come up with? Record and do. Did a few? Come up with new ones.

Thus, in your list there will always be 5 simple, quick and cool tasks to be implemented.
Is any business hanging for a long time and not done? Feel free to cross out – it is obvious that it does not fall under the necessary criteria.

Use this method daily and you won’t notice how items from the list begin to scale, continuing to be fun, simple and quick to implement.

If now it seems to you that understanding how someone else’s, poorly written code works with almost no comments and documentation is long, dreary and time-consuming, after some time of “Happy Planning” this task will become easily and quickly accomplished and even give pleasure.

Using this method, we do not force ourselves to work. We translate unresolved issues into the plane of the game – tasks are solved easily, quickly and with pleasure.

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