How to manage projects in fintech and beyond: project management insights

In April, we held an annual meetup Piemnaya, where we share cases and useful tips for project managers. Watch the latest reports from which you will learn:

  • How to create a dream team on a project without waiting for superstars.

  • How to build relationships with business when it is absolutely impossible to do everything.

  • What if your main custom product is an API.

  • How Not to Manage Large-Scale Projects: Bad Tips for PM.

Change the system, not people!

Anton Zotin, Independent Agile Consultant

  • How managers are unlucky with their subordinates: their eyes do not burn, there is no experience, deadlines have been completed.

  • It’s not about people! What is wrong in reality?

  • Stop looking for a superstar – get results with regular workers.

The importance of sustainable customer communication

Yulia Maltseva, project manager of YuMoney

  • What will happen to you if you forget about building communications with the customer.

  • Managing expectations and hygiene of failure.

  • About the culture of decision-making.

  • The zone of uncomfortable comfort (when everything is on fire, and you and your norms).

When API as a product

Denis Ivanov, project manager of YuMoney

  • Layouts are needed not only for the web interface.

  • Why the API immerses the team as much as possible in the creation of the product.

  • Quality API design process diagrams.

Bad advice for umbrella projects

Sergey Maksimov, Senior Project Manager, YuMoney

  • Throwing into chaos and madness – project management for dummies.

  • Project tech leads vs democracy.

  • We need more meetings, meetings!

  • An umbrella project and a fast deadline are not a reason to revise the established release cycle. Our grandfathers did so – and you do.

  • Do not roll out the functionality to your colleagues – they are not testers for you. Let users look for bugs.

  • What if the product is lazy and can’t be in four meetings at the same time?

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