How to make money in IT without education and experience

Friends, hello everyone! My name is Dmitry Tylny, 32 years old, in social networks: @dev0pser

For the past 10 years I have been immersed in the IT world, starting my career as a technical support specialist and reaching the position of a team leader in the DevOps direction. However, I do not have a higher education or professional courses. Nowadays, when technologies are developing rapidly, they make our daily life more convenient by automating many routine processes.

This material is not addressed to experienced IT specialists, but to those who have just taken their first steps in this area after graduating from an institute, school or vocational school. Also, the article will be useful to those who are looking for additional ways to earn money, not being able to dive deep into the world of IT.

An easy way to start earning? Use ChatGPT.

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service.

  2. Activate the VPN and go to the OpenAI website.

  3. I remind you that version 3.5 is available for free. To access the fourth version, you can use a foreign card or services that offer payment from Russia with a small commission.

  4. Register on freelance platforms. Take Youdo as an example, but there are certainly other options.

  5. Consider basic orders, whether it is writing texts, designing logos, creating websites or working in the field of SMM. All tasks can be simply copied to ChatGPT and find out what solutions artificial intelligence will offer. Sometimes he immediately provides a turnkey solution or a complete concept for order fulfillment.

ChatGPT and search engines – what’s the difference?

Many IT and freelancing newbies often confuse AI-powered systems like ChatGPT with search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex. While both of these categories of technology are very useful, they operate at fundamentally different levels and serve different purposes. In this section, we will understand what is their difference.

1. Purpose and functionality

  • ChatGPT: This is a system based on neural networks and artificial intelligence that can generate text by answering questions or completing tasks. It can help you write articles, develop creative projects, analyze data, and more.

  • search enginesA: Search engines are designed to index and search for information on the Internet. They allow users to find the sites, images, videos, and so on they want using keywords and phrases.

2. Working principle

  • ChatGPT: Using sophisticated algorithms and a model trained on a large amount of data, ChatGPT parses user input and generates relevant and coherent text. She does not look for answers on the Internet, but creates them based on her knowledge and understanding of the context.

  • search engines: Search engines crawl web pages and index their content. When a user enters a query, the search engine searches its database for the best match and provides links to relevant resources.

3. Ethical and legal aspects

  • ChatGPT: When using AI to complete work, it is important for clients to be honest and transparent in explaining that the work is done by a machine. It is also worth considering the restrictions on the use of certain versions of AI in some regions.

  • search engines: They provide access to already existing information and do not generate new content. Here the main responsibility lies in the correct use of the found materials, respecting copyright.

So, ChatGPT and search engines, although they may seem similar at first glance, differ from each other in a fundamental sense. ChatGPT is a powerful tool for generating unique content, and search engines are for finding and accessing existing data on the Internet. Each of these tools has its own characteristics and applications, and understanding their differences can be the key to successful use in your professional life.

Skills and tools for beginner freelancers

Skills without programming

Not everything in IT is about programming. If you don’t already have coding skills, you can still find many opportunities. Here are some skills you can use to make money in IT:

  1. DesignA: Skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, or even free tools like Canva can be useful for creating logos, banners, and other graphics.

  2. Content management: If you know how to work with CMS like WordPress, you can help companies manage and update their sites.

  3. SMM (social networks): Managing social networks, creating content, interacting with subscribers – all this can become your area of ​​\u200b\u200bactivity.

  4. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is an in-demand service that can be mastered through online courses.

Tools and Platforms

  1. ChatGPT and other AI: As mentioned above, these tools can help with content creation and other creative tasks.

  2. Freelance platforms: Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Youdo are great places to start your freelance career.

  3. Educational platforms: Use Coursera, Udemy, and other platforms to learn new skills.

Examples of Successful New Freelancers

Example 1: Vasily, freelance designer

Vasily started by creating logos in Canva and promoted his services through local social media groups. He has gradually moved to using more advanced tools and now works full time as a designer.

Example 2: Maria, virtual assistant

Maria used her organization and communication skills to work as a virtual assistant. She has helped small businesses with task management, email and social media.

Using AI and neural networks in freelancing

1. Text AI for writing and editing content

As mentioned, ChatGPT and other text based neural networks can be a powerful tool for freelancers. They can help:

  • generate ideas: If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for articles or blogs, AI can suggest different topics and perspectives.

  • Edit texts: AI can suggest grammatical and stylistic improvements.

  • translate languages: Neural networks can perform fast translations if you need to work with content in different languages.

2. Graphical neural networks for design

Artificial intelligence algorithms can also be used in graphic design:

  • Creation of logos: There are AI platforms that create logos based on your color, style, and theme preferences.

  • Image editing: AI can automatically improve the quality of photos, correct colors, and even add effects.

3. Data analysis and forecasting

If your freelancing involves working with data, neural networks can help:

  • Data analysis: AI can quickly analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and patterns.

  • Forecasting: In business analysis, finance, and marketing, neural networks can make accurate predictions based on historical data.

Practical tips for a successful start

  1. Start smallA: Don’t try to cover everything at once. Find one or two niches that interest you and focus on them.

  2. Education: Use online courses, free resources and tutorials to learn new skills.

  3. Portfolio building: Create a portfolio of your work, even if it’s just a study project. This can help you stand out from other freelancers.

  4. Networking: Join communities and forums in your area. This can help you find clients and partners.


The modern world of IT opens up huge opportunities for us, and you can make money in this area even without specialized education and work experience. Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks, novice freelancers can successfully compete with experienced professionals by providing quality services to clients.

The key to success in IT and freelancing lies not only in the ability to use available tools, but also in constant development, adaptation to changing conditions and perseverance in achieving your goals. Experiment, learn new technologies, follow trends and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – this is an integral part of the learning process.

In addition to using tools like ChatGPT, consider other resources and platforms available. Connect with like-minded people, participate in communities and professional groups, because the exchange of experience and knowledge can be an invaluable asset in your career.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of ethics and honesty in your work. Yes, AI can make many tasks easier, but this does not mean that creativity and individuality should be forgotten. Your personal contribution, unique style and ability to understand the needs of the client will always be invaluable.

I wish you good luck and creative success on your way to the exciting and constantly evolving world of IT!

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