How to invent a bicycle and what new things can be brought to its design

I am sure that many people have ideas about how to invent something useful. Some of them are quite crazy, but even this does not prevent them from being implemented, such as the invention above. But only a few out of hundreds of thousands of ideas find their place in our world and begin to be popular. I propose in this article to consider one of these ideas and decide for yourself whether its implementation can be a convenient solution for you personally to pressing problems.

Part 1 – Idea

The idea itself appeared as always – suddenly and almost out of the blue. At the beginning of the winter of 2020, during the regular discussion of work issues for about the 10th year of my experience in IT projects, we talked about the imperfection of task planners, like Jira of its counterparts, which, by intuitive sensations, resemble more a “Swiss knife” than a set of first-class tools from a hardware store. I wanted to find a specific tool, not a sandbox, that would help solve all our issues.

At that time, we in our team were just completing the alignment of production processes in such a way that the entire cycle from planning to deployment to the production was end-to-end, transparent and manageable. Countless copies were broken and an insane number of man-days were spent investigating every glitch in the development process that led to deadlines and plan overruns. We sought to create not just a process that would allow us to hit plus or minus a kilometer on time, but we wanted to build a kind of conveyor that would allow us to deliver changes with a clear and rhythmic pace and quickly find efficiency gaps that waste the time of specialists, the entire team and, as a result, there is an inefficient expenditure of the budget.

Looking ahead, then we finally found a satisfactory balance in this process, between the amount of effort to support the process itself and its final effectiveness. As tools it was possible to be limited only to ClickUp and MS Project. But at that moment, the first part of the idea was born on the verge of madness – “make task management as automatic and convenient as possible“.

The problem I wanted to solve was that popular project management tools are quite cumbersome and usually the specialists themselves do not want or cannot update the information in them. This, in turn, requires a lot of effort to collect and update information in order to maintain the ability to manage the project. In addition, the project manager, instead of solving problems, takes care of the routine and turns into an administrator like a Jira nanny. In part, this problem can be solved by hiring a separate person who will move the puzzles on the boards and record information in the plans. But such a solution creates a lot of errors due to the human factor. Automation and workspace settings gurus can try to solve this problem through Jira plugins and writing custom logic, but there are many pitfalls here, and each time for a new workspace, these customizations will need to be done again. As a result, at that time we took the path of automation and wrote a lot of rules and scripts to make everything work well. But, nevertheless, there was a lot of manual work and routine, which I wanted to minimize to near zero.

The second part of the idea came almost a year later, when once again the problem arose of finding competencies for the next project, which needed specific skills. For example, understanding exactly how controllers work in specific echolocators for writing software with subsequent data processing for them. In such situations, when there are “three specialists in this field in the world, one in Siberia”, there is a desire to use a certain telephone directory, which would indicate the necessary competence of a person and opposite it the telephone numbers of everyone who understands at least something about it. It was at this moment that the second part of the idea was born, which did not come to me alone – “create a place where everyone can talk about their valuable skills and ask others for such skills“. At this point, an attentive reader, tired of my graphomania, can already go to the comments and write that has existed for a long time or “it seems millennials have invented forums again.” And in general, it really is. But how and in the case of the invention of the bicycle, the convenience of the design is determined by specific design solutions.Therefore, we decided to make our own platform with blackjack and courtesans, so that its implementation would represent precisely our vision of beauty and how exactly the final idea was implemented -“Create a platform where everyone can monetize their skills and knowledge, as well as find people with the right skills to implement any ideas(of course within the law).

Part 2 – Implementation

By the beginning of the 21st year, when the idea took shape as a kind of vision, the question arose of how to implement this idea and whether there were those who did something similar. At the time of the start of work in February 21st, we did not find such projects, so we began to systematically develop our own implementation. Over time, specific solutions were born that became part of the implementation, and gradually the empty project in Visual Studio was filled with logic, visual forms and content. After about six months of working on the project, I noticed the implementation of a similar idea on VC

And after another three months, the implementation from another person

In general, over the course of a year of work, we realized that such an idea in one form or another came to many, incl. large companies

But, as we know, February 2022 was filled with radical changes that greatly changed the market and the IT landscape in our country. Unfortunately, the above projects did not survive these changes.

However, as they say “a holy place is never empty”, therefore, to replace these projects and some others, after a year and a half of development, our platform was born

Part 3 – Final

Like all bicycles, ours is similar to others – the same handlebars, wheels and frame. But ours differs from the rest in the features of its design solutions, in how these design elements combine and work.

Like others, we have a dashboard with tasks

User Profile

*if you think this screen looks like a wireframe, then you don't :)
*if you think this screen looks like a wireframe, then you don’t 🙂

And a lot of interesting things – working with reputation and monetization, workflow tasks, and much more that we could do. But all this is just the basic core functionality that we were able to make for the MVP version.

And how successful these decisions are, only you, dear readers, can evaluate. Therefore, I ask you to share your opinion in the comments and, perhaps, give some recommendations. And if you like our bike, then perhaps following your recommendations will bring you tangible income from other people who need your knowledge and talents.

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