How to increase your phone’s battery life

Many Android owners are faced with problems with quickly discharging batteries. Many people simply buy a new phone, but did they do the right thing? It’s a personal matter, but if the phone has served you for many years, then it’s a good option. But if the phone lasts for less than half a year and runs out of charge like I don’t know anyone else, then this is a bad option. Of course, if the phone is not used or is cheap, then fine.

I’ll tell you how to increase battery life on your phone.

Disable animation

Animation is certainly beautiful to the eye, but sometimes it is simply not necessary. For example: if you think why the application opens or closes so slowly, then you should turn off the animation and it will be lightning fast.

Less brightness, more autonomy

Here I think it’s understandable, but you shouldn’t always sit outside at the minimum brightness, and especially in the sun, you won’t be able to see anything.

Disable wireless modules unless necessary

It is logical if everything is simply turned on like wi-fi, bluetools and geolocation, etc. It will consume battery power and quite well (in the bad sense).

Limit background activity

Many apps on your smartphone can run in the background by default, consuming data and battery power even when you’re not using them. You can disable unnecessary ones in the background activity settings. Often these options are hidden in the “Battery” or “Performance” sections.

Close unused apps and ditch widgets

It’s a familiar situation when you take a relative’s phone and all the applications are open, you shouldn’t do that. After completing your business, you should close it. The number of widgets on desktops should also be kept to a minimum.

Disable Googke voice search if you don’t need it

I recommend disabling or adjusting it to minimize power consumptione charge.

Manage your applications

In the battery settings you can find out which application consumes the most energy. You can try analog applications, but you decide for yourself.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

In the settings you can block notifications completely. leave those that are needed for work and in everyday life.

Disable synchronization

Almost all of our lives now take place in the “cloud,” which Google (and other services) actively use, almost continuously synchronizing data in the background.

Are you using greenify?

An application for automatically hibernating your selected programs immediately after the screen turns off. Previously, it could only be used on smartphones with root access, but now superuser rights are not required. It will be enough to give the service the necessary rights.

Reduce Gertsovka on your phone

If you have a 120 Hz screen, then you should lower it to the standard 60. Because the charge consumption will be more than usual. There is also a smart Hertz switch that will automatically turn on the required Hertz switch. But I set it to 60 Hz.

Turning off screen time

This function does not consume much battery, but if you strive for complete autonomy of the phone, then it is worth turning it off.

Disabling screen activation when picking up the phone

Well, here it is similar to the top method.

Disable automatic software and updates updates

If you put your phone away for a day without updating, it won’t perform poorly.

Setting up to enable phone power saving

You can automate energy saving in the settings at 15-30% charge.


After such actions, the phone’s autonomy will increase and it will work faster, and the planned purchase of a new phone can be postponed for now. Bye everyone!

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