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Hi all! I work as a technical manager in an IT company and I want to talk about our experience of using ChatGPT as a telegram bot with artificial intelligence to solve work problems.

Like many of you, we are faced with routine work that takes too much time and does not bring much benefit.

For the sake of experiment, I decided to create a telegram bot based on the GPT chat and use it to complete tasks. Despite the initial skepticism, we were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of Smitty (the name of our bot).

First demonstration on work tasks

Sales managers were the first to be tested.

There is a line in the brief from the customer “Установка коробочного Битрикс24 на сервер клиента и перенос данных клиента из облачного Битрикс24 в коробочную версию Битрикс24 / 1 шт.”

Usually the manager comes to the developers for technical clarifications. And now we do this:

Smitty prepares a work plan

Smitty prepares a work plan

Now, it’s clearer, now we’ll ask what should be clarified with the customer.

Smitty, writes questions to be clarified

Smitty, writes questions to be clarified

The screenshot shows how Smitty helps to understand the nuances of Bitrix cloud migration. The manager is not very versed in technical details, so the bot gives him a list of questions that need to be clarified with the Customer before going for an assessment of the work. Without a bot, a developer would have to take a break from their tasks to formulate questions, or dictate them to a manager.

Now managers are much less distracting technical specialists from their tasks, and they themselves prepare technical questions and look for answers in the bot. This significantly speeds up the work process and allows engineers to focus on more important tasks.

Meeting minutes

The bot helps you create meeting minutes by automatically transcribing the meeting recording and highlighting key points and decisions. However, it is important to understand that some points may require additional verification and amendments on the part of a person, since the bot does not always understand the context and may make inaccuracies.

Program code

The developers confirm that the bot is able to issue a suitable sample code and give sensible advice on the code review. However, it should be borne in mind that the bot cannot replace a person in difficult moments and may recommend specific libraries that may require additional verification and screening out unnecessary things on the part of the developer.

Smitty writes the code

Smitty writes the code

If you come across an incomprehensible construct in the code, then Smitty can explain how it works. At the same time, the bot grasps the context and jargon of developers very well.

Smitty explains how the code works

Smitty explains how the code works

Replies to letters and messages in messengers

Smitty can help you respond to emails and instant messengers, as well as formulate the text of new emails based on a short introduction. It is enough to dictate everything that you think is necessary with your voice. This saves a lot of time, but you need to be aware of possible inaccuracies and control the quality of the answers.

Smitty writes letters

Smitty writes letters

General impression

In general, I can say that this bot is just a salvation! It saves you from the routine stuffing of typical code and allows you to significantly increase labor productivity.

Of course, like any technology, there are some drawbacks. For example, when using a bot, you must at least read what he wrote, as inaccuracies may occur. In difficult moments, the bot will not replace a person, as it does not always understand what is wanted from it, so it is very important to clearly formulate the expected result. At the code review, the bot can advise specific libraries, but here the developer must be qualified to weed out the excess. However, the advantages of using such a bot at work are much greater, and it can significantly save time and reduce the burden on employees.

Even this text is written with the help of Smitty, because I do not have such an outstanding ability to express my thoughts smoothly. Editing such a text would have taken a week, and with the help of Smitty, I got it within an hour.

Features of work

  • In order for the bot to complete the task correctly, context and specific details need to be added. For example, if you want to write a letter, specify the addressee, message subject, dates, places, participants. It is very convenient to dictate with text recognition, the bot itself structures everything into a beautiful letter.

  • If you need help with a difficult task, describe it in as much detail as possible. For example, if you need to create a content plan for two weeks, specify the target audience, subject area, field of activity, key interests, key products.

  • The bot has limits on the amount of data it can handle. In order for the bot to better analyze the task, it is recommended to periodically clear the message history. For example, you can use the command /deletecontextwhen a new topic of conversation starts or when you need to improve the quality of your responses.

  • The amount of “memory” the bot has is limited, so it is recommended to limit the length of the message. Do not send multiple pages of text. It is better to write briefly and clearly what is needed.

  • In group chats, the bot will only reply to messages addressed to it. To address Smitty, you can call him by his first name or mention him from the list of group members using the @ symbol. You can also reply to his message if you want to continue the conversation.

How to get access?

The bot is absolutely free, it can be checked here

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