How to get started with React Native, improve navigation, and move to the new component library

June 24th was the fourth JavaScript meetup called Frontend Mix… This time, the developers shared their expertise in an online format. We share long-awaited videos and our experience in front-end development.

World of React Native: Play Now! Gameplay overview. Ilya Lomtev, Senior Programmer, Interface Development Department, YuMoney

  • The product needs an application – no question! Although no, there is a question: which technology to choose?

  • The choice is made – write the code!

  • How it went: interesting bugs, a feature of testing on iOS, what to take into account in your work

Navigation “Taxi VKontakte”. Andrey Sorokin, Senior Frontend Developer, Citymobil

  • Differences between web and mobile navigation

  • Why we decided to make our own navigation “Taxi VKontakte”

  • Technical implementation, animation of the navigation stack with react-spring, react-transition-group

  • What we got as a result, and how it can be developed in the future

Material UI, or how to stop worrying and switch to a new component library. Sergey Osipov, engineer of the YuMoney design system

  • Rebranding: how to rebuild the entire frontend based on the new library of components

  • Content libraries, or how to properly chop and grow hydra heads in an enterprise

  • Design system: how to change the filling without changing anything outwardly

  • Bonus: technical problems of Material UI adaptation

Please share how the speakers’ experience has been helpful to you. And if you have any questions, write them in the comments, the speakers will answer you.

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