how to generate content in your native language using the Jarvis burj service

Social networks have always been the first to adopt new technologies. After all, in order to be successful with the audience, you need to constantly surprise it with new and interesting content.

In fact, this is where the lion’s share of the blogger’s or his editor’s time goes. Is it possible to optimize this somehow, is there a “magic wand” that will generate texts, posts and even ideas for you?

Actually there is. And its name is artificial intelligence. Yes, in the understanding of most people, this is something complicated, cumbersome, reminiscent of the evil “Skynet” from childhood, with which Schwarzenegger’s Terminator successfully fought.

Well, or something at the level of the Government and global innovations. It is not for nothing that they gather conferences, launch drones, and even promise to treat. Medical cards are already issued using the big data system. And for a simple person, here and now, is there any benefit from “a great mind”?

Actually there is. AI-based programs have been generating content well for a long time. In 2021, they were the first to be invented abroad. There, issues with startups have long been put on stream and it is easier to promote new ideas.

Here is one of them – the Headlime program. Here you can write a post and come up with headlines. The program allows you to make a project and invite a team there. That is, the same editors, if you own several publics at once.

One sad thing is that there are no posts in Russian. I work mainly with VKontakte, as this network is time-tested and offers the most interesting monetization conditions today. I decided to look for something suitable for the RC segment and found it.

The program is called Jarvis. It has a paid version, but you can use it for 5 days with the possibility of a moneyback. A small life hack – you can register as a company, then you will simply be given a 5-day trial period and nothing will be charged. I did just that: I registered my exchange for the sale and purchase of Storepub groups and immediately set up work with content in Russian.

The service immediately warns that they are still testing languages. So sometimes there can be “difficulty in translation”. But difficulties never scared me! I have been dealing with groups and working as a guarantor for 8 years – during this time I have completed more than 8,000 transactions.

The service has a whole section “Social networks”. You can “improve” existing material, create engaging content, generate photo descriptions, questions, and even your own bio…

How does a specialist work with groups in social networks? That’s right, from the test of what comes in and works better. Here we are, let’s try different features of the program with you.

Let’s start with a biography. I posted a short description about myself and suggested that Jarvis make it more businesslike:

In the description in Russian, the program called me a business woman (absolutely fair), while a little confused with the “sites” in social networks. These are publics. But AI did quite well with the story from the “3rd person”. In general – 4 out of 5.

The English version is also good. On the one hand, I became a marketer (partly true, because I understand SMM trends, this is my job), on the other hand, here I sold groups not for millions of rubles, but for millions of dollars. It is clear that this is a “difficulty in translation”, but now I know what goal to set in the foreseeable future)

Now let’s try the description for the photo on Instagram. I love motivational posts – they energize me and my followers. Suggested by Jarvis post: “Achieve the best every day”:

I also liked his version. Sometimes I really need to slow down my work, because there is a family, hobbies, travel and a lot of interesting things in life!

Now I decided to ask Jarvis to write the post completely for me and suggested the topic “How to write good content for the public on a social network. What posts are best for readers?

As a result, I got this introduction and the first paragraph:

Quite good. My editor can fix it, but it’s less work than writing from scratch.

The last thing I tested was improving the content. I decided to see how the service will change part of my article about the role of a guarantor in modern business in social networks. I decided to use the tone of voice feature, a term marketers like to use in relation to a brand. Chose formal style.

The result is worthy – my clients’ funds are indeed always protected during the transaction, and AI correctly put this important point at the beginning of the paragraph. So the content has really improved.


Content generation services may well help the editor and optimize his work. Recently, they have stepped far ahead and can already create good posts in Russian. However, the editor’s proofreading, and most importantly, his creative ideas, are still required and highly valued in the market.

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