How to find technicians during a pandemic

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A recent poll by Candor found that 60% of the 1,700 companies surveyed had frozen their hiring process. Even this statistic reflects how badly the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the labor market. However, the study also found that while software companies were hit just as badly, they appear to be in a win-win position when it comes to hiring or firing. Tech companies are still finding new hires during these challenging times. In fact, some companies and startups are even flourishing. Looking at this whole situation, we will try to figure out how recruiters can navigate in the current conditions and successfully attract technical specialists.

Here are five things to look out for during a pandemic in order to find technicians.

Make Purposeful Change

Obviously, physical contact was limited or excluded at all levels, including the hiring process. The traditional job search process is no longer considered socially responsible, which means that targeted changes are coming to help cope with the pandemic and the current state of affairs.

For example, companies that continue to recruit staff have moved their interviews online. For recruiters, interviewers became available only through video and audio calls. However, instead of seeing it as a complication, consider this opportunity as a way to hone your technical recruiting skills.

Talk to candidates about the changed interview process. How you were able to switch to the remote format and how your team copes with the final stages of interviews and onboarding.

Tell us more about the recruiting process

The pandemic is dramatically changing the way everyone lives. After all, none of us were still alive when the pandemic hit the world last time. While some people are used to the fact that natural disasters can affect the situation locally, the pandemic has affected the world globally, which means that your organization must adapt.

With that said, you need to treat a pandemic as an opportunity to change your way of life. The work environment today demands more flexibility than ever before, and topics such as work-life balance and adaptation have become the main topics of conversation. However, in order to stay informed during a pandemic, the importance of communication should not be underestimated. After all, it’s easy to go astray alone in a new world.

Do your best to adjust

Let’s face it, a slew of professional masks have fallen in the face of home offices and impromptu workplaces filled with distractions, from pets and children to people who just want peace. As a recruiter, you must understand that each potential employee has a strictly individual needs, so your task is to find technology resources that will help him work more productively, regardless of the surrounding situation.

For example, staying at home 24/7 introduces new sources of stress, so try to figure out how you can reduce the stress the candidate has accumulated in the new work environment. Beyond that, make sure you are able to prepare employees to manage a work-life balance that should be tougher than ever before.

Get creative

The current situation is certainly unpredictable, but because of this unpredictability, there should be an opportunity to grow and change your old way of life. What companies previously considered unsuitable for remote control are now forced to change once and for all, and it is likely that even your own business has habits and practices that you start to see from a different angle.

Track your competitors

What are your competitors doing? Do they offer the ability to work completely remotely? You may need to talk to your manager about this. The new norm may change and candidates will want to be able to work entirely remotely to move forward.

How to communicate with software engineers during a pandemic

  1. Tell us about the proposed project and technology stack.

  2. Explain the skills, project, and unique characteristics of the candidate you are looking for.

  3. Talk about work-life balance and discuss remote / virtual work options.

  4. Track the situation. Candidates can be extremely busy after hours.

  5. Don’t spam with messages – don’t annoy candidates.

As a recruiter, it’s important for you to stay connected and interact with candidates as engagingly as possible, whether it’s gamification, fun new communication tools, or something else. Don’t let the new way of working take over you or any of your candidates.

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