How to find and choose hackathons? Where to look for a team?

Before you start solving a hackathon, you need to find it, choose the right task and assemble a team. That is exactly what I will tell you.

Step 1 – Having sufficient information. Not many people know about all the hackathons that are held. This may be the problem of the organizers who have not taken care of advertising. Or lack of awareness among the participants. Nevertheless, here is what I use, and what information about all Data Science hackathons (and most likely in many other areas) give information.

1) Follow my channel in Telegram – Hare on HaKhatons (
2) Follow the resources, the list of which will be on the next slide
3) Talk to other hackers, they might know something…
4) You can find out about some events only from the search engine, but I will most likely inform you about them (see point 1)

List of information resources:
⁃ Digital Breakthrough: AI Season- /
⁃ Open Data Science –
⁃ Boosters-
⁃ Driven data-
⁃ Kaggle-
⁃ Zindi-
⁃ Codenrock- Phystech.Genesis-
⁃ Russian Hackers – /
⁃ Hackathons –
– Hackathon –
⁃ Studentship –

Step 2. Understanding your capabilities. Often, when registering for a hackathon, you need to choose one of the proposed tasks. Or even understand whether you should participate in this hackathon. To do this, I advise you to objectively evaluate your skills, carefully study the information about the tasks, think over the solution or what part of it you can do. I sometimes found myself in situations where, as a result, I did not solve the selected task, or the selected task did not meet my expectations, and I lost time.

Step 3. Setting priorities and goals. It is already clear that not all hackathons and tasks will succeed or are worth solving, so understand what you want to get from a hackathon – experience, prize money or new acquaintances. If you have experience or acquaintances, then participate in everything you see. If there are prize money, then it is important to correctly distribute forces, and not rush to everything. If you realize that the hackathon is not at all for you or is not at all interesting for you, then it’s better to take a break and do other things. Rest is extremely important, especially if you combine hackathons with work or study.

Step 5. Search for a team. Think about what skills you lack to solve the problem. Decide if you are ready to lead the development process. If you are ready to lead, then find the missing members to join your team. If you are not ready to lead, or you failed to assemble a team under your command, then join a ready-made team.

Where to find the command:
⁃ HaHaChat Hare by HaHatons –
⁃ Digital Breakthrough Chat: AI Season –
⁃ Open Data Science Chat – (you need to register to chat in Slack)
⁃ Chat Boosters – (can be accessed via website)
– Chat Phystech.Genesis –

subscribe to the channel Hare on HaKhatonsto be filled with hackathons!

And good luck on the hackathons!

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