How to enter IT with a guarantee of work (but not everyone will like this guide)

The results of the author’s 1.5-year study of QA-courses

PS A list of courses that do not try to collect money from everyone, but make an honest entrance selection and enroll only with testing ability. If you stumble upon a free or paid course that makes entry selection through career guidance and/or testing, please let me know. It doesn’t have to be a testing course. It does not have to be a course – maybe there are some online services for career guidance. Now I have only a few such QA courses on my list, but if there are five courses-services that help to understand “yours – not yours”, I will publish it.

PPS Research on QA courses continues. If you are currently taking a QA course as a student (especially in English), are interested in getting the highest quality education and are ready to share your satisfaction with the course of your studies, write to me. In response, if there are gaps in your studies or difficulties in bringing your resume to mind, the author will help.

PPPS Sub-study of international employment. If you have recently become a QA jun and are interested in relocation, then the author has something interesting for you (since he began to study the foreign QA market). Namely, a closed group of 10-20 QA-juns, who are set up for purposeful employment in the USA/Europe and are ready to actively cooperate on approaches/search for offices. Conditions: a) entrance only with a normal English-language resume/accompanying b) willingness to fumble with “accomplices” interesting vacancies at least once every two weeks c) be ready for exclusion if not fulfilled b).

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