How to edit an audio track directly in the browser

We have already talked about several services that allow you to record samples, beats and tracks for your projects. Today we will continue the topic, but we will talk about a tool that allows you to work with an audio track in a browser – AudioMass.

Photo: Markus Winkler.  Source:
Photo: Markus Winkler. Source:

The problem that almost any aspiring musician faces is expensive software. For those who want to try out a new hobby, it makes no sense to immediately invest in the purchase of plug-ins, especially if you need to cut a short track for a home project or computer game.

Of course, there are established products like Audacity, but for some, they are not always available in terms of the amount of functionality and relative complexity. For beginners, in most cases, a basic set of functions, like what the free project offers, is enough. AudioMass.

What is this instrument

AudioMass is a browser-based JavaScript audio editor. Its author is the Greek developer and musician Pantelis Kagyros. Initially, the instrument was a small home project for visualizing waveforms, but gradually acquired additional features and sound effects. Over time, it grew into a full-fledged DAW, and the author posted it in the public domain.

Interface. It is quite standard for the audio editor. The work area displays the left and right stereo channels. At the top of the screen are playback control buttons (fast forward, rewind, loop playback, start recording), as well as editing tools – for example, Insert Silence (“S”) allows you to insert a section with silence into the audio recording.


effects. In the tab effects reverbs, delays, equalizers, and fade effects are included. There you can also speed up or slow down the audio recording, “scroll” it in the opposite direction.

Multiple working windows. Separate plugins like frequency analyzer open in browser pop-ups. The author implemented this feature using the call command and passing buffers to the object documentWindow. If desired, plugins are fixed at the bottom of the screen in a reduced form.


Today the author continues to develop the project. So, in March 2020, the function of removing stationary noises on audio recordings appeared. The developer also plans to lighten the application and implement audio signal processing on WASM – according to him, this will avoid noise and crackles that occur when the JS garbage collector is enabled.

What are the alternatives

Another tool that allows you to edit an audio track and apply effects to it online is Audio Trimmer. Supports most popular formats – from MP3 to FLAC and OGG. The application works correctly on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

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You can also find other useful utilities on the site – in particular, MP3 Converter, tempo editor and volume amplifier.

Tools like AudioMass and Audio Trimmer allow budding musicians and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in creating their own tracks without having to purchase expensive software. Well, everyone else can use them to trim audio recordings in the “field”.

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