How to earn 1000 euros and get millions of players on a browser game

What is Gamepix and what it is eaten with


I live in a not very advanced village, which is located in Karachay-Cherkessia, and I don’t remember exactly how I got to the Gamepix publishing platform for html games. Either through familiar shepherds, or from wandering gazelles-rods. A rare search engine or a gaming telegram channel reaches my locality.

Registration and setup

There were no problems with registration at the distribution site. Everything is like everyone else: login, password and, hello, dashboard. Since I develop games on Construct 3, I will tell everything in the context of this engine. I think Unity fans and fans of other engines will also learn something useful for themselves. You download the plugin, connect it using regular means of the contract through the Addon manager. Menu>View>Addon manager. I think there will be no difficulties.

I left the plugin settings at default. Didn’t touch anything.

I did not notice any wealth of methods in the plugin. And I don’t really need it. Monetization of games is advertising. That is, inter-level advertising is shown periodically during the game. Although it is possible to show video ads (Rewarded) for a fee) and regular static banners. But it is not exactly. Where to place interlevel advertising is up to you. I’m not helping you here.

The game, before being sent for consideration, you need to test yourself for the correctness of the SDK connection. Select the “No, I want to load my local assembly” radio button. Fill up and check.

If the ad is displayed, then click Game>Create New Game. You fill in all sorts of things: the name of the game, the screen orientation, the type of game, promo materials, etc. Not very much compared to the same For commas and adverbial phrases, they are not shot on the spot. After that, you go to the tab (in the good sense of the word) Packages and upload the packaged game to the publisher. And you start to wait 7-14 days.

After approval, the game is allowed for limited promotion. If they like the income figures, then they already feature to the very tomatoes.

About money

Since my game fell into the season of torture, in July, about 600 euros dripped. I even named the game incorrectly on the first release. Didn’t know how to spell pop it: together or separately? My son brought it from kindergarten. Taken from someone. I had to return and apologize.

The site paid the money regularly, but it took a long time to arrive. Paypal and credit cards do not work. Below is the income statement for September-October, which was sent to me for soap in November. For a month they check something there, they wrinkle boobs for a long time. And I received grandmas to my bank account “on demand” in December.

Minimum wage

The minimum withdrawal threshold is 100 euros. If in the current month you do not reach the minimum wage, then the rest of the earned is transferred to the next reporting period. Gamepix transfers royalties to developers the old-fashioned way, by dog ​​sledding – direct transfer to a bank account. I can’t say anything about other monetization methods. My game did not have inaps (built-in pop-ups) and initially I focused only on displaying ads.

By payment terms

I usually received money into my account on the 10th. This did not happen in March this year. They sent a letter to the post office with the question “whether Sberbank is subject to the Swift restriction.” I said no, it’s like. At that time (end of February), Sberbank was not disconnected from Swift. That’s a fact. that I did not receive money for the month of December. Everything else is prose.

Taxes and documents

After receiving a report on earnings, you need to send an invoice (bill) to the city of Rome by e-mail. A sample was sent to me by their Italian accountant. By the way, I recommend it. A very nice person and nice woman. You still need to fill out Form C on several pages. Don’t panic right away. There you literally need a few lines: full name, address and various common, utilitarian fields. I can immediately say for the suspicious that there is no treason to the motherland. They will send a sample. They also need your bank details. A PDF document is generated in the personal account of Sberbank-online.

And in order to avoid double taxation and not leave the fiscal authorities of the Italian Republic 20% of your hard-earned income, it is better to send an accountant a certificate stating that you are a tax resident of the Russian Federation, you love your country dearly and pay taxes in Russia. I am a self-employed person. The last document is generated on the site in a few minutes and after a couple of days the electronic document is already in your mailbox. This electronic certificate is sent there to Italy. There is no need to feel sorry for the platform itself. They already keep 50% of the advertising from your game. The income that you see in your personal account is already minus the percentage of the publisher.


Someone may laugh at the amount of earnings, but for our places this is good money, and if the fashion for experiments lasted at least two years, then I could buy a plush shark from IKEA and 100 live sheep with what I earned.

Earn with us! Earn more than us!

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