How to drown 4 engines for $ 70,000 and develop a security system for jetpacks / hoverboards / wings
Excerpt from falling into the water from video tutorial Iva Rossi.

Hello, Habr!

My name is Dima and I help Alexei a bit with the construction of a turbojet wing.

A month ago, Yves Rossi demonstrated a vertical take-off from the ground (“Yves Rossi’s Jet Wing: Autonomous Vertical Take-Off and Landing”), and a couple of days ago a video was released in which the Swiss reveals many secrets of his turbojet wing, training files and a few words about the rescue system.

The video is in an incomprehensible language, but with English hard-keys, we made a transcript for those who like to read.


There is a famous phrase that says, “If you want to fly, you must stand firmly on the ground.”
Therefore, we are going to go back to earth to explain what is the reality of flying with a wing.

I take a step back to explain all the security problems that were, are, and will be.

I had a lot of posts on social networks: when the time comes for the flight, I would like to become one of you, I would like to learn to fly, teach me, etc. I am very happy about that. Yes, it would be great, but not yet time.

How my flight is going now: I take off by helicopter, jump from it, then my engines start to work, I pick up speed and fly like a bird for 8-10 minutes. Landing on a parachute.

This works great if you keep the minimum parachute deployment height from 800-1000 meters, if I am above this level, I can have fun like a bird.

But the birds do not necessarily fly only at high altitudes, and they do not need to open a parachute in order to return to the ground.

That’s why Julien and I developed the ability to take off and land vertically.


We have an electronic stabilization system installed in the wing. So we get a wing with natural stability, to be able to be in an upright position, and fly.

Eve can control his body in a completely natural way, deviate back and forth, to the sides, to control the flight.

There were a lot of tests, first carried out with a rope, with a guy who assured me that someday there would be problems. There really were problems, but they did not bring the engine to a complete failure. There were problems with stability, but thanks to this rope everything could be started again

We trained again and again in the gym: safety first. Then, after training, we were going to prove that this thing works outdoors, because there is always some resistance with the rope.

You will never understand until you try for the first time, for real. And then, again, for safety’s sake, we did it on the water. We did it about a month ago.


This worked great, but as I wrote earlier in the video, I was wet at the end.
This is the first part of the test, the first time everything does not work perfectly.

In the beginning everything went well, I did not have insurance, as in the gym. Due to the fact that I could not freely move my head, I looked down only with my eyes, trying not to move my head too much, because I did not notice that I was slowly approaching the water. When I noticed this, it was too late.
I turned on the gas completely to go up. And the fact that the gas was completely turned on when I was already too close to the water caused a strong jet that extinguished one of the engines
You can see it in the photos, it happened instantly.



Nothing tragic happened, there were divers who immediately came to help me breathe and then return by boat to the coast.

Thanks to the actions of the divers, everything went well in terms of safety, otherwise I would probably have drowned.

Therefore, always be prepared for the worst that can happen, and always have a way out of any situation. And so, as we showed these beautiful images of how this works, the principle is confirmed, but there are always problems. This is precisely the principle of development: we make mistakes because everyone makes mistakes, but the main thing is not to repeat them.

It is important to learn something from them, and then correct the cause of the mistake we made, only then does evolution take place; and then we will make other mistakes, and if we do not repeat the previous mistakes, we will gradually achieve a level of security that allows us, like in aviation, to land an airplane, knowing that this will happen without problems.


The idea was to prove the concept, to show that you can take off and land vertically with the most intuitive flight. Without joysticks in the hand, only with the movement of the body. The idea was to take off vertically, gain altitude, and then proceed to flight at high speeds.

It is often difficult for UAVs to make this transition, moving their vertical position to zero speed, and then gradually accelerating until the wing begins to generate lift, after which it completely switches to flight mode.


Most likely, the reverse transition is even more difficult, that is, to achieve high speed, and then extinguish this speed, there is a moment when the wing does not produce lifting force, you need to move to a vertical position so that it is possible to land.

A pleasant surprise for this project: that my body is a flexible structure. And this flexible structure allows you to create shapes that for a rigid structure become very complex.

What does Eve do to make a transition from vertical flight: he leans forward, in response to this wing will gradually accelerate, and at a certain moment he has the opportunity to completely deactivate the stabilization system with the button on his hand so that the nozzle becomes straight, and the whole this transition occurs naturally. In the same way, for the reverse transition, Yves can make a figure similar to a cobra in order to return itself to the vertical position, and, being in the vertical position, it turns on the system, the transition is quite easy.

Obviously, we are thinking about the future, if we have pilots who are less experienced, we will try to make the transition smoother.

We have not reached the transition point, only a vertical separation. Firstly, we need to make the whole system more reliable, because so far all we have done is confirm the concept, it has passed the test, but not at the level of safety of airliners or even a small aviation club.

So, I’ll explain using the diagram, this is the first point, then the second point: this method currently works 100%, start from a helicopter, turn on the gas, do acrobatic stunts, fly with friends, fly with other planes, open a parachute at 800 meters , land on the ground with a parachute.

Then why can’t I tear myself off the ground? Because with a regular parachute, you need to be at heights of 800 meters in order to return safely.
And the climb to this height takes a minute! A minute, and if I lose one of the engines, I will die!


To reduce this risk, I invented with the help of parachute jumpers a system called ParaPyro, a pyrotechnic parachute with a small rocket that can speed up the process of opening a parachute.

And with this missile system, I can throw a parachute at heights of 200 meters. This system was ready back in 2010, I already used it to fly at low altitude, especially in Rio, as well as during training. This is already not bad, but with a platform, like on a lake, I could start from the ground in order to go into my green zone above 200 meters. But 200 meters, this is 30 seconds during which I do not have plan B, which is why I do not do this.

There are several solutions. We climb to the top of a cliff or building above 200 meters and set up a long platform, which is far from the cliff, but this leads us to an expensive and complex infrastructure.

Birds take off from the ground from anywhere. So the idea was to be able to take off and land wherever you want.

Now we live in extraordinary times, there are air taxis, drones that start to transport more and more equipment, whether drugs or cameras, which are quite expensive, and no one wants them to fall while flying on drones, so now there are professional companies who are developing parachute systems that open at very low altitudes.


Approximately in the same style as my developments 10 years ago, but much more efficiently, they open at heights of 20 to 30 meters instead of 200 meters. 20-30 meters is a lifting platform, and we are ready for this. And with such a platform, we will always be in the green zone of security, and this is the direction where the project should go.

Two things: a reliable wing, and the creation of a parachute system that can open at low altitudes with professionals who know how it works. Only then will it be possible to make this system, a wonderful wing, accessible to all who are interested in flying on them.

This will be on a par with sports such as hang gliding, parachuting, paragliding. This sport is not for grandmothers, it is for passionate enthusiasts.

I have had so many reviews from people who want to fly as beautiful as birds. We can. But it’s beautiful until you make a mistake. And so we must continue to grow.

This is what I wanted to tell you today, the adventure continues.

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