How to draw yourself a covid quar code yourself

Hello everyone. In the summer, he was successfully “chipped” and received the corresponding QR-code on public services. Actually, he does not represent anything interesting from himself – a speckled square, which everyone has already seen more than once. Unless you can practice reading it without a computer – but I’m not going to participate in this. We will be perverted in our own way.

It was his facelessness that prompted the desire to turn this virtual object into a kind of work of art, available with a dead phone and at the same time having practical application.

The first step is to prepare a template. We download our code from the website of state services and in any more or less advanced graphic editor we slightly change the geometry (paint will not work!). For code scanning software, this is not critical – they normally straighten the code along the support dimes in the corners, and it will give us an additional hand-made effect with crooked limbs.

Next, we glass the drawing. If the term is not familiar, then I explain – in this way our grandfathers copied analog drawings of awesome sizes, significantly reducing the phases of a long and dreary construction of various axes and reference lines. Google the pictures for this phrase and everything will become clear right away. It is clear that we are not going to fence such structures and buy on ebee too, but we will manage with modern “collective farm” technologies. First of all, we print the QR code on a piece of paper, put a blank piece of paper on top and put this sandwich on the monitor, laid on the table. The screen has a white background, maximum brightness. I recommend a substrate with a printout to get a more contrasting picture. For our purposes, this “blueprint” is more than enough.

We painstakingly outline the outline of the code. Do not press hard, otherwise the glass of the monitor may burst. The monitor is dear to us as a friend and as a thing. If the hands do not tremble too much, then the result will be pretty good, but if they were slightly abused in the evening, then the uneven lines will give a magnificent picture!

So, we went to the next level. We got a gorgeous mandala to calm the nerves. Because we are budding Buddhists – we will paint with one color. With the same hand and pen, paint over the areas in accordance with our template. You can paint not as a solid, but keeping the look of manual work – the scanner will pull out.

It happens that we got carried away a little, did not cope with fatigue and slightly painted the white area. It would seem that everything was lost, you have to start over, there was no saving!

Calmly! Let’s fix everything. The same grandfathers who glazed the drawings bequeathed to us sacred knowledge and high technologies for correcting such jambs. An eraser, of course, has absolutely nothing to do here – in this case, you need to cut off the top layer of paper with a razor blade. We are not talking about modern safety razors, but about machines with replaceable blades. Where to look for them now, I don’t even know, so we’ll get by with a clerical knife.

Fucked up at this stage too? It is clear that office A4 is not a thick Whatman paper – wipe the hole once or twice. You can even leave this hole for beauty. In fact, if you painted over quite a few squares, you can not correct “in hardware” but solve everything with software – other grandfathers from the next office took care of this. Our QR code is very redundant, because there are a lot of additional bits in it to restore information lost by various methods. Here is another detailed article about the QR code, where it says that the correction is based on codes invented by the ancient philosophers Reed and Solomon in 1960, and here is a photo of the spread of the booklet, where, among other things, all the different correction codes are described. Solid matan. Recommend.

Congratulations! The finished sample of the code is on our table, and it is an order of magnitude more beautiful than the one printed on the most expensive color printer! At least I think so%)

With a slight tremor in our hands, we proceed to testing – we point the phone camera at it and get a link by which we load an information page from public services. Miracle, witchcraft, and other snow-white magic happened: you can see how perfectly everything functions, and our smartphone shows the coveted page from the state resource itself! If not, restart your router.

It remains to put the gloss on – wrinkle the paper a little, you can fold it a couple of times. Various stains and rings of marks from a cup of tea or coffee look good. Tear off the corner of the sheet after all, we are designers! But the most chic, in my opinion, is to get some kind of typographic medical form on yellow paper. This is where our code looks best.

Next, we carefully add it to the passport. SUBMIT AT THE FIRST REQUEST OF THE AUTHORITIES!

PS: you can optimize the process a little by making the image as pale as possible, clipping, etc. for further painting by hand, but in my opinion the result will be worse.

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