How to create projects alone – experts answer

Eight months ago, I decided to launch my own animation studio, which will develop not only the investment direction, but also the client. This market is crowded and divided, many large and small studios, the absence of a platform for direct interaction between the client and the contractor, many intermediaries. I do not have experience in the client business, my base of “warm” contacts or access to decision-making, however, I have a tremendous experience in creating top-end animated content and a huge desire to produce this content. For four months I "matured" and ticked off past projects, and in December, literally on New Year's Eve, I launched a client area.

It is very important to have a roadmap for the next six months, in the context of the launch, focus on the operational and tactical situation, but strategically important goals should also not be forgotten. There is a risk of burrowing in the workplace, working out the customer base, testing various methods of communication, promotion, debugging internal processes and procedures … Such a workflow can take up to 90% of the time and not bring any result, which is very demotivating. Therefore, I set up “short” weekly KPIs, as guidelines, so as not to go astray, on the other hand, I devote time to the strategy weekly, adjust it to the current situation, since the first “want” changes a lot from the real “maybe”, especially if you are new

In order for an idea to develop into a real project, it is important to stop treating it like an idea and start treating it like a project, with clear goals designated by KPI, with tasks that need to be performed daily. This is a work, a routine, sometimes boring, sometimes inspiring, but if there is a task to bring it to mind, you should not give yourself concessions. Despite the fact that you work at the start most often “without a salary” and for an “idea”, you should treat your activity as a highly paid job that you are afraid to lose.

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