How to create a TOR for programmers to launch a check promotion with gamification of the prize draw

When launching a checkout promotion with gamification, especially if you need to develop a site with gaming content and the functionality of an auction site, you need to draw up a detailed terms of reference (TOR) for programmers. In this article, we will tell you how to properly draw up a TOR for such a project.

For clarity, let’s consider the principle of writing a technical task using the example of one of the promotions.

Action mechanics for the consumer

  1. The participant of the action makes a purchase of products X in the trading network A.

  2. Register on the promotion website.

  3. Uploads a photo of the check to the site.

  4. After confirming the check, the buyer has access to an association game and a photo constructor.

  5. For the first check that has successfully passed moderation, the participant receives 20 rubles per phone guaranteed.

  6. The rest of the checks additionally participate in the drawing of daily and weekly prizes.

The described mechanics reflects a clear set of actions for the buyer, but does not reveal implementation details for developers. It is not clear where and how the software will be hosted, how it will function, what product is needed: a website or a mobile application, perhaps both.

General information

The “Overview” section of the terms of reference for developing a promotion website is a brief introduction to the project, where you should describe the main goals and concept, as well as indicate its main characteristics and requirements.


  • Promotion Goal: Determine the main goal of the promotion, such as increasing sales, attracting new customers, increasing brand awareness, etc.

  • Expected Outcomes: Describe the specific expected results of the promotion, such as a 20% increase in bookings, a 500 increase in subscribers, etc.

Promotion concept:

  • Describe the main idea of ​​the promotion: what makes it unique and attractive to the target audience.

  • Specify the product or service that will be offered as part of the promotion.

  • Determine the target audience: who will be the main target group for this promotion.

  • Fix the rules for participation. For example, to increase sales of product X in chain stores A.

    • The participant of the promotion must make a purchase of products X in retail chain A and register on the website of the promotion.

    • To participate, you must upload a photo of the receipt to the promotion website.

    • Describe that for the first check that has successfully passed moderation, the participant will receive 20 rubles per phone guaranteed.

    • Specify that the rest of the checks will additionally participate in the drawing of daily and weekly prizes.

  1. The main characteristics of the promotion:

  • Period: Set the start and end dates for the promotion.

  • Promotion Types: Specify which specific promotion or discount mechanics will be used as part of the promotion (for example, discounts on certain products, gifts with purchase, limited-edition promotions, etc.).

  1. Product requirements:

  • Choose the type of product: website or mobile application. You can specify 2 products if needed.

  • Determine the basic requirements for the site being developed: functionality, design, usability, etc.

  • Specify the features that should be implemented on the site to ensure a successful promotion, for example, the ability to quickly and easily checkout, display promotional products on the home page, subscribe to a newsletter with information about the promotion, etc.

  • The overview should provide a concise but informative picture of the promotion, key features, and a general understanding of the requirements for the site being developed. This will help developers better understand the goals and objectives of the project.

Software development requirements

It is important to describe the requirements in detail and be specific so that the developers have a clear understanding of the functionality and characteristics of the software product to be developed. We’ll cover the most important points in this section.

The functionality of the user part of the site contains a list of blocks available to site users.

  • Registration of checks.

  • Go to game content.

  • Go to the table of winners.

  • Familiarization with the rules of the promotion.

  • View the list of prizes.

  • Go to the feedback form.

  • Possibility to share the results in social networks.

The functionality of the administrative part of the site reflects information for employees of the enterprise, allows, if necessary, to manage the content that the user sees.

  • Go to game content.

  • Reading and responding to User messages generated in the feedback form.

  • Database management (reporting) and User access control.

  • Reports and statistics.

check check

The most important and difficult to implement promotion is the process of verifying the authenticity of the purchase. This item of the terms of reference should be worked out taking into account the capabilities of a functioning accounting system.

  1. The participant goes to the site, indicates his phone number, uploads a photo of the receipt and clicks the “Submit” button;

  2. The site accepts a graphic file, recognizes in it the data wired into the QR code of the check:

    • The number of the fiscal accumulator that printed the receipt.

    • The date and time the receipt was printed.

    • Fiscal document number.

    • Fiscal sign of the document.

    • Check amount.

    • Settlement sign.

  3. The system will not be able to recognize the QR on the check:

We display the message: “Failed to detect the QR code. Please try uploading the photo again or contact support using the feedback form on the site.

  1. The system recognized the QR code, but the data in the code does not match point 2.

We display the message: “Check not accepted. The date on the check does not meet the conditions of the promotion / such a check has already been registered in the system.

  1. The check check time for item 2 ~ 5-10 seconds.

  2. The check passed all the checks according to paragraph 2, a window opens up asking the user to enter a code from SMS, which was sent to the number specified by the user above to confirm the phone number.

  3. After confirming the phone number, the message “Check has been registered and sent for moderation. You can find out the check verification status in your personal account” and the button to go to your personal account.

  4. The user goes to his personal account, where he sees the downloaded receipt and status.

  5. After step 7 is completed, the system starts checking the authenticity of the check in the Federal Tax Service. The process takes up to 3 minutes, but there are limitations, for example: if the check was not transferred by the seller to the Federal Tax Service on time, by law the seller is obliged to transfer the check data within up to 3 days, but usually, all this happens much faster ~ 5-20 minutes .

  6. When the check, by the FTS service, is passed, its nomenclature is requested. After receiving the data, processing and searching for goods X and the number of purchased units in the check takes place. After that, the promotional goods from the check are entered into the database of the next draw. A check is entered into the database as many times as there are promotional positions in it.

    1. When developing, it must be taken into account that the name of the product X may differ in each chain of stores. To implement automatic checking, you must provide a list of possible names.

  7. The status “Accepted” is indicated in the personal account when the check is entered into the draw.

  8. If there are no promotional items in the check, the “Rejected” status is displayed in the account.

Game content

We want to add gamification to our website which will include an association game and a photo maker. It is necessary to develop appropriate functionality and algorithms for both games.

Conditions for obtaining access to game content:

  • complete information is filled in the personal account;

  • registered at least 1 check that has successfully passed moderation.

Association game:

  • The game will be a series of words, pictures, or phrases that the player must associate with a meaning or concept.

  • The player will be shown questions or incomplete sentences and will have to choose the most appropriate answer from the options provided or enter their own answer.

  • Develop an algorithm that will evaluate the correctness of the answers and calculate the number of points scored.

  • Provide a hint system to help players in case of difficulty.

Photo Constructor:

  • Create a visual tool that allows users to create collages with promotional designs to upload to a social network.

  • Give users the opportunity to choose one of twenty options and download the resulting image.

Additional tasks

Implement a rating and achievement system for playing associations:

  • correct execution – 2 points;

  • from 1 to 3 errors inclusive – 1 point;

  • 4 or more errors – 0 points.

Draw Rules

  • The more points accumulated in 7 days, the higher the chance to win a prize in the weekly draw.

  • The drawing of the main prize will be carried out among 1000 buyers who have collected the most points for the period.

  • Information about the winners is posted on the website.


Specify that the database should contain information about the progress of users and additional information that is required to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the action.

Sections of the site

Describe each of the sections of the site, such as login windows, main screen, game content, personal account, help (FAQ), winners, prizes, rules, contacts and legal information.

Each item should be accompanied by a description of the content and a diagram of the layout of the interface elements.

It is important to describe in detail each functionality and section of the site in the TOR, so that programmers understand exactly what is required of them. Indicate in the TOR all the features and requirements for the project so that programmers can work effectively.

Before starting work, hold a meeting with programmers to clarify the details and answer their questions. Be flexible and open to the suggestions of programmers to achieve the best result.

Drawing up a TOR is an important step before starting work on a project. A thorough and accurate description of the requirements will help avoid misunderstandings and speed up development so that you can launch a successful gamified checkout promotion.

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