How to congratulate a programmer on his birthday?

Birthday is a special day for every person. And although the celebration may be different, one thing remains the same – we want to bring joy and pleasure to the birthday man. If your friend, colleague or relative is a programmer, congratulations can be especially interesting and creative. In this article, we will look at ideas on how to wish a programmer a happy birthday.

Partial day off

If you are the manager or colleague of the birthday boy, offer to take a part-time or flexible work schedule for the birthday. This will allow the birthday boy to enjoy his holiday and relax.

themed gift

A gift related to the interests and preferences of the programmer will be highly appreciated. You can choose something that will be useful in their work or hobby, such as:

  • Mug with a code print or funny jokes about programming

  • T-shirt with the logo of your favorite programming language or meme

  • Keyboard or mouse with advanced features

  • Subscribing to a course or service related to programming

custom cake

Order a cake in the form of a computer, keyboard, or other symbol associated with programming. This will add originality and originality to your congratulations.


Create an eCard with animation or interactive elements based on the programming language or technology that the birthday person is interested in. This will demonstrate your attention to their interests and hobbies.

Organize a quest or game

Come up with a quest or game in which the participant will have to use programming skills to solve problems or puzzles. This will not only entertain the birthday boy, but also make him feel like a hero on his birthday.

Video birthday greetings from colleagues or friends

Collect video greetings from friends, colleagues and relatives of the birthday boy. Ask them to share funny stories related to programming, or how the birthday boy’s job or hobby has affected their lives. Mount these video clips into one congratulation, which will be a pleasant surprise.

Master class or seminar

If the birthday boy is committed to continuous development and learning, give him a ticket to a master class or seminar on a topic of interest to him. It can be either an online event or an offline meeting with programming experts.

Programming joke or meme

Cheer up the birthday boy by sharing a funny anecdote or meme related to programming. It’s an easy and fun way to say hello and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Lines-verses, for example:

You are computers, programs
You know inside and out
You are a very strong programmer
Not an amateur, but a connoisseur.
Happy birthday
You happiness and good luck
In life, let yours not be
Unsolvable tasks.
Keep on working
Develop and learn
Achieve big goals
Just strive for the best!

You go to the computer
Like an illusionist
And put it in order
You are the programmer!
For such a skill
Everyone respects you.
Happy Birthday!
May your life be bright
It will be very interesting
Filled with warmth
And it always flows without stress –
Both offline and on the computer!

creative man,
Cheerful and optimistic…
Happy birthday the best
And my favorite programmer!
We wish you happiness
Laughter, joy, warmth
Both offline and online.
Be lucky always!
Reach your goals
Decide everything in one, two, three.
May all hopes come true
Wishes and dreams!

Both computers and mice
Dropped all the tricks
Lined up in a row,
“Happy birthday” they say.
We all look like sheep
Teams – so what?
After all, from blue screens
You save computers.
We wish a lot
Having eaten the cake:
To fear viruses
To listen to programs.


You can congratulate a programmer on his birthday in a variety of creative ways. The main thing is to show care and attention to the interests and preferences of the birthday person. We hope that the proposed ideas will help you make the holiday bright and unforgettable for your friend, colleague or programmer relative.

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