How to become a programmer in a week

In 2022, everyone wants to enter IT and is interested in how to learn to program and how much it really costs to become a novice developer. There are 4 ways:

Study method



6 months

Higher education institutions

4-5 years


2 years

Courses/IT schools

4-6 months

To be in demand in the market, you must be fast and efficient. In the field of programming, education received at a university or college is not a 100% guarantee of quality. Courses and self-study also give a qualitative result.

Average time to learn programming languages, if you study 1-2 times a week:

  • Java – year;

  • Python – 8 months;

  • Ruby – 7 months;

  • C++ – 6 months;

  • C# – 6 months;

  • SQL – 3 months;

  • JavaScript – 3 months.

Can it be faster? Yes, but you have to sweat.

Thanks to many years of experience in teaching programming, we at IT OverOne were able to figure out what the week of a novice developer who decided to enter programming from scratch should look like. On the Internet, it is easy to drown in an ocean of information. To make learning easier, follow our plan.

Sunday is waiting for you present 🙂



Beat procrastination

Do you remember how you clicked on the next episode, although there were important things in the morning? And all because the scriptwriters know that if we start something, the task will not go out of our heads until it is finished. This is the Zeigarnik effect. Procrastination intensifies if we do not know where and how to start. But later we get pleasure from the thing we feared.

The brain will produce a huge amount of dopamine after the completion of any task. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Therefore, for happiness, you need to start FROM ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW.

Procrastination Battle Plan:

  1. complicate access to unnecessary resources – delete social networks after each visit. To enter the social network – download it again!

  2. prepare the workspace – bring a glass of water, ventilate the room, put the phone on silent;

  3. set a measurable goal – learn 10 commands, take 2 courses in Java, earn $ 1,000;

  4. write a to-do list – break complex tasks into simple ones and sort them by priority. Apps ToDoist, Notion, Wunderlist will come to the rescue;

  5. determine achievable deadlines.

Just get to work now. So the business will bring not only results, but also pleasure. And the body will not be overwhelmed by the flow of tasks.

Important! At the end of the work, thank yourself: you can go on a mini-trip or buy a gift.


Remember the school program

Of course, the computer can calculate everything for you. But in programming are important:

a) logic;

b) abstract thinking;

c) attention to detail;

d) the ability to find causal relationships.

The easiest way to improve these skills is to solve puzzles.

If you plan to do graphics, then in the future you will have to study differential equations and delve into geometry. If modeling (for example, in the energy sector) – learn mathematical analysis and physics. If finances – probability theory and statistics. And for the development of games, all of the sections listed are useful.

But first, school mathematics and basic combinatorics will help you structure your thoughts and join the work.


Decide on the direction and programming language

At a theater performance, are you more interested in what happens on stage or behind the scenes? Do you enjoy watching behind-the-scenes videos (eg bad film takes)? Or are you completely immersed in the external design? So you decide to go to the frontend or plunge headlong into the back.

Don’t forget that you have to choose the required language. At the end of 2021, the top languages ​​in Belarus are SQL, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, Ruby, TypeScript.



Increase your print speed

The press must keep up with the thoughts. Position your hand correctly and use all fingers. Learn to type faster with the online services, and


repeat english

Forgot the translation of even “Hello”? Not scary. To begin with, memorize the minimum, without which there is nothing to do in programming.

The words

integer – an integer

if – if


float – real

else – other


boolean – boolean

while – while

true/false – true/false

bug – error

equals – equals

requirement – requirement

function – function

debug – debug

variable – variable

string – string

do – to do

property – property

method – the method

print/write – print/write

implement – implementation

object – object

get/set – get/set

charset – encoding

array – an array

return – return

database – database

connect – connect

break – break

exception – exception


Hello world!

Deadline is coming

Bugs, hex & source control!

If you already have basic knowledge of English, then repeat tenses and advanced vocabulary. To become a programmer quickly, you will have to read a lot of documentation in English, as well as google solutions to problems in English-language forums.


memorize keyword translation from the syntax of the programming language you have chosen. For each language they will be different. But knowing the meaning of these words will make it easier to understand the logic of the program.



develop logic

Logic will be needed when finding effective solutions and correcting errors in the code. You can develop logic in the applications Logic of Numbers, NeuroNation, Memorado, Chain, Blob. To develop logic in everyday life, often build your thoughts according to the principle “if …, then …”. Also take up creative hobbies and games. Chess and Sudoku are perfect.


Speak “programmer” – learn the meaning of operations

a? b : c

Were you able to translate? Not? Time to teach. And remember: the percentage is not what it seems.


On Wednesday evening, download and install the development environment

You will need it tomorrow.

Of course, you can program on the command line or a text editor, but it’s more convenient to use a development environment. Free versions will suffice for now.

The most popular environments that are suitable for several programming languages ​​are: IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse, Qt Creator, Geany, Embarcadero RAD Studio, Code::Blocks, xcode.

Try to remember the hotkeys for the installed development environment. It will make life easier for you later.

If it is not possible to install the environment, then you can use online compilers to execute the code directly in the browser:, Ideone, JDoodle (for working with databases), Coding Ground. In addition, you can even program from your phone! DroidEdit, AIDE, Dcoder applications will come to the rescue here.



Learn the syntax of your chosen language

Syntax is the rules that describe combinations of characters that are considered to be well-structured program or part of it. It is the basis of any language.

Here you need to read the programming language manual (the developers publish them in the public domain). If reading them is too difficult, then you can watch thematic channels on YouTube.


Walk through the basics

I / O functions, branch operators, assignments, working with loops, conditional operators, arrays are needed at the beginning of learning any language.


Run someone else’s code

After learning the basics, copy, run and try to figure out someone else’s working code. It can be any code from the forums.



Learn the standards

Code written to standards is easier to fix and easier for other developers to understand. The standard defines how names are chosen and cased, logical block style, indentation, spaces, comment style, etc. You can use existing standards such as Sun’s for Java or PEP8 for Python.


Write your first program

Try to program a problem from school mathematics. For example:

  1. Enter the height and radius of the cylinder. Find the lateral surface area, total surface area and volume of the cylinder.

  2. Three real positive numbers a, b, c are given. Determine if a ball of radius a will pass through a rectangular hole of size b*c.

  3. The triangle is given by the coordinates of its vertices. Find the perimeter of the triangle.

  4. Calculate the distance between two points with coordinates (x1, y1) and (x2, y2). Point coordinates are entered from the keyboard.

  5. Find the height of a triangle given its three sides (a,b,c).

  6. Find the sum of the terms of the arithmetic progression a, a+d, …, a+(n-1)d given the values ​​a, d, n.

  7. Determine whether among the three numbers a, b and c there is at least one pair of equal numbers.

Happened? Write comments on the code so that you can refer to it later and not forget all the nuances.

Didn’t work? Google errors.

Failed again? Time to ask for help on the forums – Stackoverflos, habr, Slack, Chegg. Quora. You can also use Telegram, for example, in the @ru_python_beginners, @projs_ru, @javarush chats, novice developers help each other.

On the same forums and channels, you can find like-minded people who are also wondering how to become a programmer quickly. Communication with them will motivate you and help you solve problems. It is also a good networking experience.


Post results to github

You can put your first code on github to discuss it with other programmers and show it to employers in the future.



Continue to solve problems and fix the bugs, fix the bugs, fix the bugs…


Go to an interview

In the process of writing a resume, you will study the market and understand what knowledge you need. Most likely, the result of the interview will be negative. But feedback is more important here, because it will tell you in which direction to move on.



Sign up for a free lesson at an IT school in your city

Now many companies give their potential students the opportunity to be a programmer for an hour, talk about programming, directions in IT and prospects in this area. A free programming lesson will motivate you and show you that it is possible to become a programmer quickly!

Courses are a good opportunity to deepen knowledge. In addition, the courses allow you to meet other beginners and experienced developers. A certificate from the course will give a huge advantage in employment.


The promised gift!

On a Sunday evening, you can relax with benefit. At this time, you can enjoy the details of the best films, series and books about IT.

Shows for entertainment:

  • mr robot

  • wild west world

  • Biohackers

  • Love, death and robots

Movies for motivation:

  • The imitation game

  • Stephen Hawking universe

  • Pirates of Silicon Valley

Books for leveling skills:

  • S. McConnell “Perfect Code”

  • J. Schreier “Blood, sweat and pixels. The Other Side of the Video Game Industry”

  • B. Oakley “Think like a mathematician. How to solve any problems faster and more efficiently”

  • R. Martin “The Ideal Programmer. How to Become a Software Development Professional”

And finally…

The worst thing is that you will always have to live in such weeks. A good programmer must learn constantly. Therefore, it is worth taking courses, watching training videos, communicating with more experienced colleagues constantly.

Now you know how to become a programmer in 2022. Good luck on this difficult journey!

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