How to answer an employer about a salary question – expert advice

It is always difficult for employers to answer the question of wages for a particular position. This is due to the fact that most often developers do not only know one programming language or technology – they may have additional skills.

The programmer can know (or not know) the English language and flexible development methodologies, be a Scrum-master, be able to communicate with the customer, and so on, which increases the level of professionalism of a particular specialist. As a result, he may claim higher compensation than a similar specialist in this technology.

In order to most accurately evaluate myself, I would recommend that the candidate first of all look at the labor market, study what positions exist, with which salary forks. You can even go for interviews to hear real offers from company representatives.

And perhaps the most important advice is to choose the company that you like, to which the soul lies, and submit a resume there for the most attractive position, then prove yourself, demonstrate skills and knowledge, learn related technologies, try to change your positioning within this company, which like.

In addition, the level of compensation for a particular candidate very much depends on the knowledge and skills of the candidate himself, as well as on demand, fashion for some kind of technology on the market. This level is also strongly influenced by, say, the brand of the applicant. There are IT specialists who often attend conferences, often speak, and are opinion leaders in a particular IT field. Such candidates may claim a higher level of compensation.

Here are some tips for candidates on how to boost their brand as a jobseeker:

  • master the technologies that are indicated in the requirements for the vacancy that you apply for;
  • indicate whether you have additional skills and programming languages;
  • to clarify whether there is an experience of communication with the customer, experience of public speaking, knowledge of Agile / Scrum flexible methodologies;
  • improve English proficiency, etc.

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