How things are with PHP in Krasnodar (and not only)

A year ago we began to collect list city ​​PHP chats. This February Krasnodar was added to it – the guys stood out from the city-wide backend community. And then there was a lockdown.

During his time, over 100 participants were added to the chat. And this Saturday it will take place first meetup in a mixed format: you can come if you are ready to follow all the precautions, or you can watch it online – and at the same time communicate with the presenters by voice.

The broadcast will start at 11 Moscow / Kiev / Minsk time. You can evaluate what the broadcast looks like using this example

On the eve of the meetup, we spoke with its speakers.

Valery Gorbachev, creator PHP-chat Krasnodar… Will tell you interesting things from the practice of working with databases

– What about PHP in general?

– There are several newcomer large companies, but mostly small web studios.

– That is why you named the report “How to live if you don’t have a highload”?)

– It’s just that I’ve often worked with relational databases. I will show you what problems I faced, how I managed to solve them. I will share the recipes.

– And why, in addition to presentations, do people need to participate in the first offline or online meetup?

– Communication in chat and in the hall. Also, the Krasnodar chat has its own symbol – such is the elephant.

Stickers and masks with him will become one of the prizes at the meetup. The mask for the best question after the talk can be won by asking a question on the broadcast.

Well, don’t forget about the reports: I, for example, try to extract something interesting for myself, even from non-core ones.

– What “non-core”, outside the scope of your report, you can talk to at the meeting?

– I’m boring: Yii, PCRE, ActiveRecord, TDD.

Sergey Zhuk, Skyeng. Explains why working with Legacy can be fun

– You will come to the meetup from Bryansk. What about PHP in general in your city?

– To be honest, I have not heard anything about the PHP community in Bryansk. The movement of the common IT community is just emerging in our country, there is almost no group on individual languages ​​and technologies.

– If you could influence the development of the language and the community, you would …

– I think I’m already influencing a little by talking about asynchronous PHP. Many either do not know about him, or consider it something wild. I’m trying to get across the idea that asynchronous PHP is okay. This is a working tool and there are cases when it can really come in handy.

– Why do you think people come to a PHP meetup?

– Live communication, people who have similar interests and thoughts. This is now very much lacking.

– What, apart from the topic of your report, should you talk to at the meetup?

– We can boast about code review or asynchronous PHP.

Artem Prozorov, ZeBrains. Tells how to test untestable (but not about how to cover Joomla and WordPress with unit tests)

– What do you think is in the city with PHP?

– In my opinion, there are a lot of PHP developers in Krasnodar as a whole, but there are no large software development companies. Basically, either the development of sites on Bitrix, or remote. Therefore, there are few activities.

– If you could influence the development of the language and the community, you would …
– More often held meetups and presentations of open libraries.

– Why do you think people would come to or watch a PHP meetup on Saturday?

– I think both viewers of the broadcast and guests of the meetup will be able to learn something new. And those who come will also make new professional contacts.

– What, apart from the topic of your report, can you talk to at the meetup?

– DDD, design, miroservices, SOLID, Bitrix, team building, DevOps and architecture, application scalability.

ps At the end of the meetup, we will play this elephant (and not only) among the audience of the broadcast and in the hall.

pps You can read a great overview of the state of IT in Krasnodar for the summer of 2019 here.

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