How the old POMPO robot came in handy

posted it on Behance and unexpectedly won the award for Best Character Design. It was damn nice and very motivating, Leo began to think further about the universe and other robots that surrounded him.

Of course, Leo wanted to revive him, make comics, make a prototype of a real robot, I wanted to lit up and make animation, print it on a 3D printer, and even thought about playing with him in a fictional universe. But then the active stage ended with the script and ideas. Leo became interested in real robotics, continued to learn to draw and program. And POMPO remained in the profile on Behance.

Continuation of the story about POMPO and what does NFT have to do with it

We are constantly discussing a lot of different ideas and projects that can be created in the future. What is promising, useful, where it is worth moving and developing. We are constantly watching the market and trends.

And of course, as a 3D artist, I watched last year’s boom in the NFT market with great interest, when Beeple sold his work on Christie’s for absolutely crazy money. And Leo, as a programmer and 2D artist, has been watching blockchain technologies and this new boom in generative collections with interest lately. Once Leo announced what to make of POMPO – an NFT collection – could materialize all his ideas for creating both a game and a robot and benefit science and much more. This idea has become a fixed idea. I fully supported Leo in this endeavor.

He began to draw new POMPO looks for the collection, while studying the market and immersing himself in technical details. We spent almost all our free time compiling and forming some kind of our own expertise, and already in December he had the first earliest version of the project with a roadmap and a small collection of 30 robots ready.

But the further you dive into a new topic, the more you want to change in your early endeavors. So it was with the POMPO project. I will not describe all the stages, but from January to March, the project has changed a lot and has grown. A lot of work has been done. Technical and artistic. And in a bunch of other areas. Creating an NFT project is much, much more difficult than it seems at first glance. By mid-March, Leo had already drawn and animated 123 robots. I never cease to be amazed at his determination.

A little behind the scenes and what I have in common with POMPO

From the age of 8, Leo began to help me in my work. The older, the more. We shared something all the time, I passed on experience, told. And you see how the work is getting more serious, harder and cooler. Leo has his portfolio website with your own work! And at some point you begin to understand that it is no longer your son who asks you, but you ask him. He does not help you in the project, but you help him. This is very unusual. But damn interesting. Your work fades into the background, and your son’s project burns your eyes. And now I’m already doing time management, keeping lists, thinking about marketing, holding the light over my head when it’s on camera …

And just recently it dawned on me: I realized that the POMPO robot is me. Multifunctional robot assistant. Friendly, old, a little rusty, but still capable of doing various multi-faceted work. With a slightly outdated, but still quite suitable operating system, if you update the firmware. So I did an update, sprayed with VD-shkoy and again in the ranks. I think I’ll still be nice.

I am sure that Leo and the POMPO The Robot project have a great future. This is a story, a bunch of ideas, plans and determination. The project has a lot of content, there is a roadmap, there is an understanding of how it needs to be developed, and there is huge outside support. And, of course, I myself will do everything to support him and help him in this.

Here it would be possible to throw in details about the project itself, but it is better, in order not to repeat myself, I give the floor to the author – my son Leonty – in his own article.

Or you can go directly to the project website:

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