How the IT-animals team dreams of their Heroes of might and magic

Our team has a dream: to one day develop an ideological successor to Heroes of might and magic. Inspired by Atom rpg: the spiritual successor to the first two Fallout games, created by dedicated fans and the independent studio Atom Team. These guys (8-11 people) brought their project to Kickstarter, raised a small budget and implemented the game, which was released on Steam and became quite successful.

Our team lead Ilya is especially inspired by this idea: he has the largest amount of time spent in heroes of us (more than 10k hours). While discussing this idea, the thought came up – a dream remains a dream until you take steps towards it.


First step

Analyzing the budgets of such games, we estimated ours at about 2 years for 10-20 people and the amount of about 90 million rubles (including freelancers for temporary work and the same ideological fans as we are).

From the point of view of development, this is a penny, from the point of view of investment, it is a disaster. The startup is clearly fanatical, and the likelihood that it will bring large profits is close to zero.

Then what are the options for finding investments?

Crowdfunding platforms:

one. Kickstarter Is the most obvious and predictable way. Unfortunately, the terms of the site indicate that you need to be a resident of US / UK, or have a trusted person with such conditions – we have neither one nor the other. Plus, if within the specified period in the project the amount is not collected, the money will be returned back to the founders, oh, this maximalism. As a commission, 5% of the collected amount is charged.

2. Boomstarter attracts funding for a wide range of creative projects. Does not charge a commission on successful fundraising, but payment systems will withhold 3.5% of the total amount.

3. Planeta specializes in projects in literature, music, cinema, photography, charity, gaming and others. The site commission is 10% upon successful fundraising and 15% upon collection from 50 to 99%.

4. Indiegogo enables authors to receive the collected funds, even if the financial goal is not achieved. The platform also takes a 5% commission.

5. CrowdRepublic dedicated to board games, role-playing games, geek projects, books and comics. Takes 10% of the commission from the amount of fees.


I like this view most of all – having experience in social design and testing projects at all-Russian forums, I can say for sure that the number of presentations and defense of an idea directly correlates with the quality of its content.

Each accelerator has its own characteristics, but the meaning is the same everywhere: startups apply for participation lasting several weeks, during which they get the opportunity to work with mentors and experts, acquire useful contacts and attract investments. I was looking for the most suitable ones, in reality there are much more of them.

  1. Is a specialized platform for business acceleration of mobile game developers from MY.GAMES and Google.

    Requirements for participants:

    1. Applications from developers from the following countries: Russia, CIS, all European countries, Turkey, Israel, countries of the Middle East and Africa.

    2. The game must be available on Google Play. And here we fly like plywood over Paris.

    3. The game must pass the MVP (ready build) or Early Access (base metrics) stage.

    The timeline for 2022 has not yet been announced.

  1. – Express accelerator with a period of 4 weeks. First sales and quick hypothesis testing. Implemented so that the hackathon participants could turn their solution into a startup and start developing it, but in the application I did not find a ban on an idea not proposed at the hackathon. And all that is not prohibited, consider that it is permitted.

    The deadline for 2022 has not been set yet, but they promise to be announced at the end of January.

  2.– a new startup competition from the largest Russian hosting company Started on December 20 and will run until February 15, 2022.

    What they offer:

    1. Investment amount up to $ 1 million;

    2. Infrastructure support: Timeweb Cloud, provision of computing resources and reliable data storage;

    3. Pilot resources: assistance in building a team, creating a pilot project and getting the first sales;

    4. Expertise: your experience and knowledge, assistance in improving and promoting the product.


    1. Acceptance of applications in the form of a concise presentation of up to 10 slides: customer experience, market and competitors, basic metrics, possible synergy with internal services (!).

    2. Within 10 working days, a response will be received with feedback on the application.

    3. The opportunity to personally meet experts, present your project online or in the office of the company.

    4. March 15th summing up and voiceover of participants who will receive funding and support from Timeweb.

    Requirements: online projects only.

    Are waiting: SaaS. IaaS, PaaS, SECaaS, FWaaS, MaaS, NFT, MarTech, AdTech, Low-code, No-code.

We see our game with a service component: player ratings, matches, match recordings, voting. All this allows us to position ourselves as an online project and participate in the TimeWeb accelerator. Therefore, this option seems to me the most suitable and, at first glance, looks like a tidbit. The hope that experts will surely find fans of heroes warms up, so we have decided on our plans for the New Year holidays.

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